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    Arithmetical time pass for all

    In some of the news papers daily appear a mathematical puzzle called 'Sudoku'. Several readers are interested in it and spend some time to solve the same. Some days the problem will be a bit tough while simple problems appear on other days. The level of difficulty go on varying. How many of our members try to solve the same.
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    I never attempted to do Sudoku. But 5-6 years ago, my wife became an expert in solving Sudoku. But now shee has almost forgotten the technique because of lack of practice.
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    I have always solved this puzzle and I loved doing so everytime. I especially did this during my school days, every day without fail I would solve this. The Hindu newspaper used to give the level sequentially from easy to toughest and it would take at least half an hour to solve the toughest one.

    But I have noticed that the level for SUDOKU in Times of India is disappointing, they are a way to easy and the solution is also provided on the same day which is not challenging. The level is also not sequential, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is medium. I have hardly come across any toughest SUDOKU in Times of India newspaper. But I enjoyed every moment solving them in The Hindu newspaper, they used to give the solution next day, so I used to eagerly wait for that as well.

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    I am a big fan of this SuDOKU. I never miss this game. I like this game very much. I never leave it without filling.I have purchased a book of unfilled Sudoku book and filled them. I used to purchase daily three English newspapers for this game only. As mentioned by Neethu the game in Time of India is of the easy level. Deccan chronicle gives daily two games. One is the easy level and the other one is the difficulty level. The Hindu gives daily one game. It indicated the level of difficulty by stars. 5 stars game is very difficult.As the stars come down the easiness will increase. I learned the technique and I am able to complete some games within 5 to 10 minutes maximum. It is a good mind game and I think it may enhance your thinking and logic power. It is good for the students if they practice it. Another point I like to make it is this game is much better than many other cell games.
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    Whenever I go on a journey, I never fail to buy the Hindu and solve the problem. My journey is completed by completing suduko successfully. I love this puzzle. I learned the technique to solve easily.
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