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    Some opposition leaders are learning pretty fast!

    There is a fairly big slum at a distance of around 500 metres from my residence. Sometime I pass that slum to go to vegetable market. Whenever there is a quarrel among the inhabitants of the slum, a particular Hindi adjective is almost universally used by them. Starting from this adjective, they generally go up to higher level.

    I was thrilled when I first read that adjective in the Twitter time-line of a top-level Congress leader. He used this word to indicate India's Prime Minister. However, when people sought clarifications, it was stated that the adjective was not meant for the Prime Minister, but for his supporters who voted him and his party. Later another leader of the same grand old party used the same adjective to indicate the Prime Minister and/or his supporters.

    I am thrilled. Some opposition leaders are learning fast. They are learning the language used by the slum-dwellers during their fight.
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    Why there is so much silence in this thread? I feel some are very happy by the fast learning process of some of the opposition leaders. And definitely some (like me) are feeling ashamed by their learning capability.
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    Really, a very sorry state of affairs. To what low level our opposition leaders are going in pointing out the PM and his supporters. The language we use and the way we talk will tell the society about our level of maturity and decency. By using such a bad language which was used by slum area people that too when they are in a different mood, our leaders are going down in their maturity levels. Shame on the part of these leaders. When there was a quarrel we will not be in the normal mood. We will get disturbed. At that time some words may come out of anger without our knowledge. But when you are chatting or tweeting we will be in our normal mood. So we should not use foul language.I don't know when these congress leaders will learn decency. It is no way having any effect on the PM or his supporters. But it is only telling about the maturity levels of these Congress leaders.
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    This is shameful on the part of the veteran politicians of a grand old party to use vulgar and unparliamentary words to criticise the opponents. Rather they should have used a polished language to show grace. If the PM is following a person who used abusive language for a slain journalist, that does not allow these politicians to use abusive language for their opponents.

    Nowadays, it has become a trend to use abusive language to gag rational expression of thoughts. This is owing to the vicious propaganda undertaken by some media houses and some fake identities on twitter and whatsApp. The common man should be aware of this sinister design of unscrupulous politicians. This is designed to divert the attention of common man from the utter failure of these politicians on all core issues.

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