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    Experimenting whether man can stay in Mars

    NASA has conducted an experiment to test whether man can survive Mars by creating an atmospheric condition similar to that in Mars. A NASA team consisting of four men and two women have come out successfully spending eight months in location artificially created similar to that in Mars.
    The location within a built in room inside the tallest volcano of Mauna Loa. The room built inside this had facilities similar to those at Mars. No connection to the external world was provided. Packet good and water were provided to survive the specified period. It needed 20 minutes to reach messages from outside. This is the time required to reach a message from Earth to Mars. The mission is reported to be successful.
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    Good news Sir on the progression of science. Who knows, with the way man is pushing Mother Earth to the brink of exhaustion with his greed and overpopulation, we may be needing it very soon.

    With regards to space exploration, Neil Armstrong (20-07-1969) after his historic first steps on the moon said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'.

    It's interesting to know that the Apollo moon mission was only successful thanks to the bitter yet competitive rivalry between the political machinery of USA and USSR. Interesting after this Space Race, both countries lost interest and slowly space exploration took a backseat in the minds of the people and media.

    Man was supposed to colonise Moon but it never materialised, may be looking at the expenses involved it may not be worthwhile for a large-scale settlement. In this age of space tourism, a trip to Space costs $250,000 USD and for $100 million USD, one can have a trip to moon comes.

    Lastly, what drives these extra-ordinary experiments - a quest for knowledge, pure scientific research, keep the flag flying high or a back-up option of life beyond Earth.

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    Very good news. Mars will be another planet for the mankind to live in.
    So if the news spread in our country, real estate people will start booking plot for the public by taking advances. People will start thinking whether we have to have a visa to go there or not required. Politicians will start thinking whether they have to start a new party or they can start a wing of existing party. But a poor man will be looking into the sky expecting something may fall down from mars to him. This is all on the lighter side.
    It is really an important finding and NASA should be appreciated for the work done. This will become an alternative earth to living beings. It may not be practically possible to go and stay there. But if a few stay there automatically population will increase. That way it may be an alternative place to stay on.

    always confident

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    I have been following this news for the past few years, the name of the mission was Mars One which first came in news somewhere around 2011 or 2012. It is a one-way journey towards Mars, they won't be able to return to earth once they leave this planet. They will have to start a settlement over there for which there was nomination a few years back. They got lakhs of application but an only hand full of the applicant were selected and they are undergoing rigorous training under an artificial environment of Mars. There they are not allowed to contact any earthlings. If they feel comfortable and confident enough to survive in such conditions after successful training they would be sent permanently to Mars by 2031, they will land on Mars by 2032 and second batch they will send again by 2033. This is the planned road map.

    More details about the Mars One mission is available on their official website: Mars One

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