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    Why doesn't the edit button work in the mobile browser?

    Many times I had posted through my mobile only to realise few of my silly grammatical mistake or the few words which I swallowed while typing. After posting when I try to re-edit it to correct my mistakes I realise that it's not possible to do so. So I have refrained myself from posting anything from mobile. I only read the contents and chose to reply it when I have my laptop or desktop.

    Is it restricted to edit only through desktop? As I do see that it's just not me there were few who mentioned that they can't edit it from mobile.

    Can we make it mobile friendly?
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    Neethu, it may be a technical issue. Your problem has been put up the admin for doing the needful. Please wait for a response.
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    On my mobile edit button is working. But in between sometime it will not work. Again it will work. That is how it is happening. But it is not very comfortable to post on mobile. I feel it is very convenient to use a laptop for posting on this site rather than a mobile.
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    Every time I tried the edit button in mobile it never worked so I assumed that maybe it is disabled for editing from mobile.

    Thank you, Mr. Saji for taking it forward.

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    Same case happened with me yesterday. Please look into the matter.
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