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    Should we get rid of one way relationship.

    Relationship is necessary and good for social life. I have observed in the past 25-30 years that many friends and relatives do not care about you. They will never come to you if you are away in other city. They will also not call you, you have to call them and go to meet them in their homes. Which require time, money and other expenditures. What is your opinion and experience about such relationship? Whether we should continue or drop them?
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    It is true. There are some people who never visit us nor call us. Even though we call them many times they will never call us. We will go to them to see. But they will never visit us. I don't mind for this if they are old and elder to me. Old people may not move easily and sometimes they may not be able to call us. We can go and see them. We can all them and talk to them. But there are some people who will go to other places but never come to us. Even they will be talking to the others but never call us. We have to stop going to them and calling them.
    There are another variety of people who come to us only when there is a need of us. They behave very close and friendly till their work id done. Afterwards they never care us. Such kind of people also we should ignore. It is of no use making friendship with such people. Always everyone should have a habit of give and take. Always only taking is not a correct attitude. We should ignore such people always.

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    Nice observation on our interactions with extended family. Dr.Rao has brought out an important point, many of our elders will have restricted mobility and we often go to see them once a year or so and get their blessings. So we need to stay in touch with them. Some of my elders especially from villages are stoic people, they don't come across as friendly outside but within their hearts, they do care about us. I always make it a point to see them, a smile comes across their faces when they see their grand-nieces or grand-nephews.

    Apart from this, yes some friends or relatives will interact only on 'need basis'. We don't need to ignore them completely if we do there would be no difference between us and them. There are many reasons why this happens including individual's outlook, social status, old unsaid, unsettled issues or grudges, expanding families on both sides, attitude and lastly, some people live within a self-imposed fence around them giving a though unfriendly look on the outside even though they are good at heart and mean no harm.

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    Disappointment will imprison us if we keep expectations from people. I learned it in a hard way but the moment I started to keep the least expectation from people disappointment has rarely knocked my door.

    It is only human to expect the other person to also reciprocate to our kind deeds but many times they do fail to do so. Never give up on such people the only reason why I would reiterate this is because it is easy to get rid but hard to maintain. We won't gain anything by getting rid of them but by maintaining our family bonds and relationship is very healthy. We need not deal with people in the same way they are dealing with us.

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    Nice responses from all. Thank you all.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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