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    For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness

    This is not my quote but quoted by "Ralph Waldo Emerson" ~For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

    Somewhere it did strike me that every time when we get angry the words which come out of our mouth in fury is impossible to revert. Sometimes the harm is already done because of the words that we have already spoken. Many relationships break due to the words which were spoken in anger which they never meant but just for the sake of bursting, they spurted it out.

    Majority of the time when we blurt out in anger instead of things getting solved it will only get the matter worsened. Life is too short to get angry or drool over petty issues.

    If things won't get better by getting angry why not resort to some other ways of dealing the issue. I know that sometimes anger is the only solution but not always.

    The tongue is known to be sharper than the two-edged sword so let's be careful with the words that come out of our mouth.
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    Anger is our enemy. Anger activates our tongue. Tongue over reacts. Our back has to face the music There is a famous poem in which it was said that your anger is your enemy.I feel we should maintain silence when we are getting angry. We should control ourselves. Anger will spoil our mood. Prolonged anger will get you high BP.
    We can never solve any problem by getting angry. It will aggravate the situation and misunderstanding. Being silent is the best thing when you are angry. If you are silent the other person will also get slow. Being angry your mind will not work properly. Being angry will bring you unhappiness. so be happy always. don't get angry on anybody.

    always confident

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    In Tamil,there is a saying,aathirakkaranukku buthi mattu, kobathodu ezhubavan nashtathodu utkaarvaan which means thinking will get lost who angers & those who raise with anger will sit with heavy loss. Not only in Tamil many language stress about the loss due to anger.

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    Correct, being angry always causes some or the other problem. Anger boils our blood and that boiling causes us to spit our anger on the other person. We should try to calm down when anger strikes us. Some people are short tempered and get angry very easily on small things. But, they lose that temper easily too.
    We should try to avoid this dangerous trait of getting 'angry', as much as we can . If it strikes us, we should first calm down, take a deep breath and have some cold water. Drinking water that time helps to tackle anger a lot. You should try once.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Everyone wants to be happy and cordial with friends, family, colleagues at work. Rarely does a good human being becomes angry by choice.

    It is said that anger or aggression goes back to the man when he was part of the hunter-gatherer ( getting food by roaming in the jungles and killing animals). Those who were more successful in this group survived longer and in turn passed down aggression. There is some truth in the genetic basis of anger in certain individuals. Given all this 'Anger" is just a human instinct. Imagine being a docile dog and an aggressive dog fighting over a bone, Common sense will tell us that the aggressive would get the bone.

    In today's world where we have to interact and live with fellow human beings, we need to know how to master Anger and we do it every day - The auto driver who refuses to stop, the grocery vendor who cheats you, the maidservant who does not work properly, the boss who does not acknowledge your sincere work so on and so forth. Each one of us faces similar situations in daily life, we love to give them all a mouthful but to a varying degree we control that aggression and move on. When one reaches his breaking point or cannot take it anymore, the anger explodes to the surface and has all the ill effects that the other members have mentioned (hence not elaborated again).

    Fans of Will Smith would remember Woosah! Woosah! from Bad Boys II, it means to take a deep breath and calm down.

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