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    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    When we enter into a book shop to search for a good book and buy, we will get attracted by the cover of the book. Sometimes we will not even open the book with a plain cover. We may decide whether a book is for us or not by seeing the cover. Those times we may be missing a book simply because the cover appears plain . However, if We open that book and see what is there inside we might have got impressed with the book.

    This is also applied to people. We will tend to decide on a person by seeing the physical appearance. However, if we really want, we should speak to him,understand him and see what's he inside. Some time we will end up with an entirely different opinion than what we had when we have seen him. So this proverb is used either as advice or a warning that a person should not be judged by what they appear outside.
    So let us not simply go by the physical appearance.
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    There was an experiment conducted where the teacher showed the picture of a very beautiful wherein the students were asked to guess her profession. Students came up with many answers such as model, teacher, air hostess etc. All the answers were more or less related to glamour field. After everyone has guessed her profession, the teacher gave them a surprise by bringing in the actual girl who was in the picture. She told the students to ask her what she did in life. She said that she was a mountaineer and all the students were surprised to hear that as none of them had guessed that.

    She said that people are of the mentality that only masculine girls can attempt mountaineering not girls like her. She looked so delicate that people thought that she was a model and fit to be a model and not a mountaineer.

    This is one of the best examples were we learn that we should not judge people by their cover.

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    Judging anything based on its external appearance will be, very often, leading to wrong conclusion. A person appearing before us in neat and attractive dress need not be a gentleman. Once you start talking to him his true colours will become clear. In fact these days such persons who cheat us, may be by selling something or forcing us to take a policy, etc.will appear before us well dressed and will have a pleasing smile and look.

    This is true with books also. The cover page will have nothing to do with the inside contents. There are certain magazines with attractive pictures in quality papers given in the cover page. But once you look into the contents you will throw away the magazine.

    Some of the political leaders are examples for this types of behaviour. We are getting cheated everyday by such leaders. At the same time we invite them to inaugurate or open some of our functions and thus we cheat our own self.


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