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    This women is very much the citizen of India as much as you and me are

    She followed her husband to a country which was known for its rich hospitality. She left her nation, countrymen everyone behind to this country of her husband's.

    She accepted this nation as her own country who killed her husband and mother-in-law., where people still tag her as a foreigner even after spending 45 years which is much more than what she had spent in her own country. She forgave her husband's assassinator. She was least interested to get into politics but ultimately she took it on her shoulders and has never rested since then. She rejected the post of PM twice. Though many say that she is not a good leader, I believe that she is indeed a very good leader. Many people still accuse her of many things but never has she lost her cool.

    She is still very much Indian or much more Indian than you and me, she is none other than Antonia Edvige Albina Maino popularly known as Sonia Gandhi.

    My respect for her leadership and all the sacrifices she has made.
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    Our constitution has the provision of single citizenship. It does not allow dual citizenship. One can not have the same time two countries citizenship. Has Sonia Gandhi left the the citizenship of her birth country? If yes, when? If Sonia Gandhi had love for this country, why she did not left the citizenship of her origin country after her marriage. The Prime Minister and the President can not be foreign nationals by birth.
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    "My respect for her leadership and all the sacrifices she has made." Let me briefly analyse the great lady's leadership and sacrifices.
    1. Leadership: Her leadership qualities cause the downfall of the grandfather of Indian party. It has now 44 members in the Loksabha. It can be reasonabaly expencted thatit would come down further after two years in the next Loksabha elections. Her treatment to her predecessor Late Sitaram Keshari (the previous Congress President) and Late PV Narsimha Rao, the former Prime Minister, also bears testimony of her leadership quality.
    2. Sacrifices: Her sacrifices have been methodically listed by Subrahmanyam Swami. I don't find the need to mention these in this response.

    Enjoyed a good laugh thanks to this thread. I thank the author for giving me the opportunity to have a good laugh.

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    Thank you Neethu. You have spent a good time in bringing out this thread. But I think it is not worth.
    You mentioned that she has rejected PM post two times. Who told. Who offered her the post. She can't be the PM of this country as per the Constitution. So she kept a dummy there as PM and played with him and carried out whatever she wanted. As mentioned by Mr Sharma, why she has not given up her citizenship of the country where she was born. Why she was still holding that. Why she had seen that all prominent leaders are out of Congress? You know the way she reacted in providing a small place for the dead body of this country's Ex-PM. So I don't think that she has done anything good for this Nation. It is better not to say more about her, I feel.

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    Thank you for all the responses above which only proves that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is still one of the most misunderstood women in India. Majority of the people have created an image of her as created by the media and the BJP propaganda. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge to the above responses:

    #609384: Sonia Gandhi had surrendered her Italian passport in the year 1983 and by registration, she is very much still an Indian citizen. Would like to quote exact words from the High court about Sonia Gandhi's citizenship,

    "The Central Government issued an order on 30th April 1983 registering respondent no.1 as a citizen of India under Section 5(1)(c) of the Citizenship Act.Such registration is still continuing and has not been canceled, withdrawn or annulled till date. So long as the order issued under Section 5(1)(c) of the Citizenship Act stands, respondent no.1 continues to remain a citizen of India."

    Above verdict was given by High court when Ramesh Singh had challenged the citizenship of Sonia Gandhi. What more proof do we need that she still loves our nation. She has been here for the past almost 45 or above years. She is still continuing to live in a nation which took away her family at a very young age. She could have chosen to return back to her country long back as she had no-one to support here. But she chose to stay. Is she being condemned just because she has been born in another country?

    #609400: I am glad this post brought a laugh, laughter is indeed good for health. (smile)

    Despite all the negativeness spread about Sonia Gandhi, I have hardly seen her lose her cool, unlike others. She does have the traits of a very good leadership, considering the fact that she came into a new country, she shouldered the responsibility of the age-old party and in her leadership congress was in power for 15 years. It's no small deal. So I don't doubt her leadership, she was ranked the 3rd most powerful women in the year 2013 by the Forbes Magazine as per Wikipedia. I have already mentioned about the sacrifices she had made. It takes a great deal of courage for a woman to live in the condition she had to live.

    #609422: Dr. Rao, I do feel the need of bringing this out and the response to this thread has only proved that how much she is hated. It is totally fine even if this thread is not the worth.

    Maybe if people read this book by Neena Gopal - 'The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi', they will know that Sonia Gandhi is not the women that people have portrayed her to be.

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    This post has raised two aspects, viz., leadership quality and sacrifices of Ms. Sonia Maino @ Gandhi.

    In my earlier response, I gave two instances of her treatment to two stalwarts (now dead) of Congress during the eighties and nineties. The behaviour of Ms. Maino to other leaders of her own party does not speak highly of her leadership qualities. The electoral performance of Congress under her president-ship also points to that direction. The author of this thread has beautifully side-stepped the issues raised by me in a classic Muhammad Ali style (I remember the Calypso on the side-stepping technique of Ali: "He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee'').

    Whenever I hear the word ''sacrifice'' associated with the lady, I can't stop laughing. I don't want to stop my laughter now. So, no comment on her sacrifice. Mr. Swamy has already made the comments

    If I can earn enough money by the time of my retirement. I will commission a popular author to write about my qualities. People must know my qualities. During my sunset years, I will read the book and would feel astonished knowing about my qualities, which are presently not known to me.

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    Sonia Gandhi left his country and settled in India and upto that point there is no discussion. Problem started when after the death of her husband, the then Prime Minister of India, she was or she herself imagining the dynastically next Prime Minister of this country.

    There were many contenders but due to party discipline they simply bowed to her and she became more and more confused in this respect and after that what happened is known to all and is history.

    So we could understand her sacrifice in a better way if she would has left politics at that point of time and had a peaceful life in India or Italy.

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    Love the thread and the lively discussion, well-presented facts for and against. Looking at this from a different more human angle, if some public figure or political figure leads a life shrouded in relative secrecy, lives almost like a recluse, doesn't connect with people, then it arouses curiosity of many people, adds fuel to speculations; being misunderstood and being misquoted is the norm in the life of such individuals. I think this aptly applies to Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

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    Sorry Neethu,
    The madam under discussion may be a citizen of India as she was married to an Indian. But she is not an able leader by the virtue of her birth or her marriage with a politician. While Nehru and Indira were the real politicians, Rajiv was not such politician. He was made politician. Nehru and Indira wanted to be a politician and they were the hardcore politician. Rajiv was a pilot turned politician under compulsion. His wife is not an able leader. She cannot deliver a lecture on her own. She survives as a party leader because of the good Indians who respect and love the congress party of India.

    A good citizen, a good wife of a politician, but not a good politician.

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    There can be two or more views and opinions on any matter. The same is the case with this thread matter also. The author has freedom to respect anyone. However thrusting it on others is bound to get repudiation.

    My views and argument points are put here only to repudiate the author's views. I do not have any personal attachment or grudge on the person referred in the thread.
    I do not have any personal or direct knowledge of the person named in the thread. My view on that person is formed from the various reports, discussions, articles and opinions by other politicians and personalities I have read or seen from the reports in newspapers and other media. It is from these that I have formed a different opinion from the thread author.

    'She accepted this nation as her own country' : The fact is that it took about thirteen years for her to even think of accepting this country's citizenship. From 1970 to 1983.

    'who killed her husband and mother-in-law' : In mother-in-law's case the killer himself was instantly killed. The background conspiracy details are not known fully yet. In husband's killing ,the main culprits and conspirators do not belong to this country. (Though not mentioned in the thread, the brother -in-law was killed in an accident. Really unfortunate of the family&country. However the same or similar trauma is applicable to the other bahu of the khandaan. Better not to to rake up those sad memories which people want to forget.

    "where people still tag her as a foreigner even after spending 45 years": It is not yet clearly known if she has renounced her original country's citizenship. It is felt that that still remains by default. This country's citizenship wa due to compulsions and some needs.

    "She forgave her husband's assassinator": That only increases the doubt and fear in people's mind. The person killed was not just a husband. He was the beloved Prime Minister of this country. She does not have any right to forgive those who brutally killed the country's beloved Prime Minister. It was an act against the people and nation. How and why can she 'forgive the killers' who were found guilty after the open and transparent legal process of this country?

    "She rejected the post of PM twice" : Grapes that cannot be reached can be termed sour. People who studied law said then that laws of this country would not have permitted or accepted if she tried to get that post. Insider reports that came later in section of media said that she was on ging for the post and did all spade work, but when it was clearly pointed out to her that her taking up that post will be struck down by law, she had to act the sacrifice drama.

    "She was least interested to get into politics but ultimately she took it on her shoulders" : Knew very well that unless she did not have a leading role, all those assets under her direct or indirect twill be exposed and lost. She also knew from experience that to be kingmaker is better than to be King.

    "She is still very much Indian or much more Indian than you and me,": The thread author has the liberty to think herself as a lesser Indian; but please do not include me. I take objection to that. Nobody can and nobody should judge my Indianness and patriotism.

    Though I have posted the above just for the sake of academic discussion in the spirit of debate, as she is now a citizen of this country, as as she is a person who leads a recognised political party of this country, as she is respected and regards by many thousands in this country, and as a fellow human being,I have my regards to the referred person .

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    Ms. Neethu, the manner in which you presented the content of this thread is quite impressive. Continue the good work. I am also happy that you are contributing to the health of the members by making them laugh with your forum threads.
    When a discussion is about a political person, the opinions vary according to one's political leanings. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have our political leanings and that reflects in our opinions. An impartial and unbiased discussion about a political leader is not possible.
    Some members expressed their doubts about the citizenship of Sonia Gandhi. They did so without checking the facts. Your response above is sufficient to clear their doubt. I wish to add further that Sonia Gandhi became a citizen of India in April 1983. She surrendered her Italian passport on 27-04-1983.
    The Congress party won the general elections of 2004. Everyone expected Sonia Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of India. Respected A P J Kalam was the President at that time. Kalam in his book "Turning Points" stated that he was surprised when Sonia Gandhi recommended the name of Manmohan Singh. He further states that the appointment letter for Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister of India was already prepared by the Rashtrapati Bhavan and they had to prepare another letter. President as the constitutional head of the country already sought legal opinion and was ready to swear Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister. It was not a sour grape for Sonia Gandhi but a sweet grape. She herself chose not to be the Prime Minister twice in 2004 and 2009. She wanted Manmohan Singh to be the Prime Minister as he was the Finance Minister in P.V. Narasimha Rao cabinet and instrumental in the economic reforms.
    The tendency of our people is that they celebrate the success of Indian origin people in another country who are not citizens of India. When it comes to foreigners who accepted India as their country and took Indian Citizenship, are not accepted by our people. Sonia Gandhi for the benefit of our country sacrificed the opportunity of becoming Prime Minister twice.

    The Congress party was in total disarray at the time of 2004 elections. The BJP party was expected to win comfortably. The Congress party under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi turned the tables on BJP and won the elections. This itself is sufficient to prove her leadership qualities.

    Sonia Gandhi is responsible for bringing the National Food Security Act in 2013. This act brought some security in billions of peoples lives and make it easy for them to meet their basic needs. As pointed out by Ms. Neetha, Sonia Gandhi still remains a most misunderstood woman. She is a balanced woman who never loses her cool.

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    Thank you #609492 for adding more additional points.

    It's so true of what you said "When a discussion is about a political person, the opinions vary according to one's political leanings. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have our political leanings and that reflects in our opinions. An impartial and unbiased discussion about a political leader is not possible."

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