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    Anyone can Succeed in Life

    I'm amazed when I see the achievements by toppers at various exams and sports who have one thing in common, the common from a humble background or a family struggling to meet ends.

    Son of a farmer (Lakshmikanth Reddy) and the Son of a rickshaw driver (Mr.Govind Jaiswal) became IAS officers; son of a welder from a slum (Amruddin) bags a place in the renowned JK Onassis Ballet School, USA and a young poor boy from Bihar (Ashok Kumar) who worked for Rs 50.00 in a Delhi golf course, who was called a thief, won a National Golf championship.

    There are numerous Indian Youth from a less than favourable environment who have achieved many feats, won laurels ( in education, sports, charity work) that many from well to do families have not been able to. Hats of these extraordinary men and women of India for Shining brightly. What drives these unique people in life that has given them a taste of success and made their journey truly inspirational stories in real life.

    Would like the views of members of ISC.
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    yes. It is true. Anybody can be successful if we have that determination. Many big people came successfully in their lives by virtue of their hard work, even though the conditions are not in their favour. The important point is the person should have the determination to succeed. Then only it happens. If any halfhearted attempt will not give you success. You should have the wish and you should be sincere in your attempts. Lal Bahadur Sastry was from a poor family. He doesn't even have any money for education also. Daily he used to swim across the river and reach the other side of the river to go to school. (This is what I read in a book. If I am wrong, excuse me). But he has become the PM of this country and leads a good life with very good sincerity and obedience. We don't even have his own house by the time he died. So anyone can be successful if he is sincere to his core,
    always confident

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    It is not necessary that only the persons from rich and influential families will be always successful. Yes, to some extent they will get push from there connections and references but if they do not have talent they will simply stagnate at one place.
    It is the real hard working , determined and focussed person who reaches the top positions. There are so many cases in history as well as in present where people from humble families rise to glaring heights whether it is sports, politics or business.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    People, who become successful are hard working and determined. They have the aim to achieve.Their mind is always active wherever they go, whatever they do. They focus on their aims and always in actions to achieve those. They don't become disheartened in their failures. They work hard at that time also.
    The Indian Cricketer Dhoni achieved a lot due to hard practices, focused on aim and determination. He was from a middle-class family.
    So, anyone can become successful in life.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Rightly said, anyone can succeed in life, it just takes the courage and right spirit to do it. You need to be dedicated towards your destination. I have heard many cases and we can see real life examples too, where people from very poor family have done worth praising things in their life. They have become highly successful. Such people have got more of determination towards what they want to achieve, because may be they understand the scarcity they have , of food, of very less money, even of sometimes not having electricity to study. My father used to tell me that earlier people used to study in the lamp posts or the street lights, or they even study through candles.

    This reminds me of a very nice story on how these people work hard. Few days back I saw this video on facebook, there was a guy, a descent working guy, who was selling some books as they were not of use to him which in hindi we call as 'raddi', so he was selling them in return of money to the other guy, the Scrap collector. So, the professional told him to not take one of the books from them as it was of use to him and so he took it back. The Scrap collector asked him to give that book to him and said he will pay him more money for that. But the guy refused to give him that book. He sold the other books and the Scrap collector knocked the door once again and said to him "Sir, can I borrow this book for a day". This changed the thought of the man who was selling the books and he understood the intent of this guy and then he told his story that he used to learn through these books that other people used to sell him and that is how he learnt and completed his graduation.
    This way he helped the Scrap collector guy and he slowly got the best job, the job of his choice. So, this tells about how determined some people are towards achieving their goals, when they lack the essential things in life and when they lack the happiness in their life. We must learn from such people.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Yes those who are poor and know the value of education and having missed their own bus of career previously would give their best education to the children and thus their children are trained in such a way that from day one their aim is to secure first in class and not less than that. When a poor boy or girl tops the class with cent percent marks, just imagine the amount of joy and happiness the children and their parents would have. What I invariably found that sons of businessman and big corporate employees wont have the inclination and zeal to study and their parents are always fuming at their own wards. In front of my house there is a mason whose daily income is 500 and if puts leave for one day no pay. He gave good education to his both son and daughter and after completing CSC Engineering , the girl got the job in a top MNC and the mason is still continuing the job. Great.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Yes it's true the world is open for all people there is no restriction to get success but it's difficult and not impossible because hard work needed to get success if your direction is right then it's easy to achieve your target and wrong direction will increase the time to get success.

    I am doing hard work since a long time but success what i want still not achieved so percentage wise it will increase but full success takes a long time because you are eager to get more money and success so the target can be never ending type.

    I hope you get my point and understand the things.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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