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    Have you observed reasoning ability in animals?

    As humans have most highly evolved brains they are able to think and plan logically. But even all the mammals which belongs to our group have not that much evolved brains like man. Most of us domesticate certain pet animals like dogs, cats, parrots, fishes, cows, buffaloes etc. which we closely observe them in our daily life. Have you any time observed instances with such logical thinking in them? Give your observations which makes you think that they have some reasoning power. Some times stray dogs keep their puppies in small bushes. But suddenly a very big rain comes they carefully take these puppies one by one and keeps them in safe place like in a cement gutter. Is that indicates are these animals have some reasoning power? A lot of research going on on this matter.
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    Many of us are fascinated by the unusual tasks done by animals; birds and Chimps are known to learn how to open their cage doors, others are known to use a stone to crack shells,

    Some well-known videos I've seen are a cow using its head a borewell to pump water out to drink, crows in Japan dropping hard nuts at zebra crossing so that the vehicles crush the shells and when cars stop to allow people to cross the road, the crows come down to pick up the seeds, chimpanzees using a stick at a termite hole to pull out the termites etc.

    I'm not an expert on animal behavior but I think that it involves a combination of intelligence, reasoning, imitation, observation and using tools like humans.

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    I have observed logical thinking process in chimps, guerrilla, monkeys, languors domestic cats and dogs. I think that all mammals have logical thinking process.
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    Monkeys are also having logical thinking process. When a person goes on their side with a stick they will not come near. But if he is carrying some eatables they will try to frighten the person and pull off the eatables. The animals will also have some definitely thinking power. The per animals get trained and their thought processability will be tuned by their master.
    I was working in a factory. There the products made are tested to examine the quality of the product. At the time of testing a huge sound will come. Before conducting the test, the testes will give a Siren as an indication that sound will come so that all others will get alerted. In that area, there were many monkeys. As soon as the siren is given these monkeys used to sit on the ground and close their ears with the front legs. That is an indication they also some senses and they also have some logic.

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