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    Do Indian parents encourage their children to become professional sportspersons?

    Indian parents are very much concerned about their children. They give their time and spend their resources (often limited) for the welfare of their children. They want their children to become doctors, engineers, architects, civil servants, professors. If the children could not fulfil their wish, they want their children to at least become clerks or teachers. The typical Indian parents are very much worried about the career of their children.

    But I am astonished that very few Indian parents want their children to become professional sportsperson. Even if the children have natural affinity towards sports and games, the parents are extremely reluctant to allow their children to become professional sportsperson. I have heard that Vishwanathan Anand became a Super Grand Master because of his mother Sushila Viswanathan. Saurav Ganguly could become a famous cricketer because of his father Chandidas Ganguly. Saina Nehwal could become a badminton great because of her father Harvir Singh Nehwal. But such instances are very few and far between.

    When we lament that India doesn't win medals in Olympic games, we never think that we don't encourage or allow our children to become professional sportsperson, even if they desperately want to choose sports as career.
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    Very rarely exceptional parents encourage their children for professional sport. Reasons are many which may be parents can explain the best. What we understand is that maybe they are concerned about the education that if their kids concentrate more on games they might lag behind in studies which is why they don't encourage them into sports as his/her future won't be secure if they don't get a proper education.

    By the time the child completes his formal education with a degree it a might a bit late to get into the field and start practicing with proper coaching unless the person is really talented and has it in their blood.

    As per my understanding to be professional player you need get trained and start practising from your childhood. All the biographies that I have read indicates that they have been passionate and practising since their childhood which helped them become a proffessional player.

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    It is true. Many Indian parents will never encourage their wards to go for sports. Basically, the reason behind this attitude is the stability and guarantee they want for their child may not come from these sports. Again theory of probability also has to be thought of. India is having many children now. If every child tries to go to the sports how many can earn their livelihood depending on these sports. The chances to excel in sports are very less as the scope is limited. If a person wants to be a National player what are the chances and what is the probability. What is the probability for a person to become an Engineer? Definitely, chances are high for the second. That is the main reason every parent want their wards to concentrate more on studies. But definitely, parents should the talent of the child and if someone is showing good technic in a particular area, he can be encouraged in that area.
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