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    Share your beautiful memories in your Grand parents place!!

    Whether we are young or old we might have enjoyed some memorable movements in the company of our grandparents at their own place may be a small village, town or city in our childhood time. We never forget such great movements in our life time. To start with I share my memories with my grand parent place situated in a small village of East Godavari district, A.P. This village is a beautiful place with full of green paddy and coconut tree fields. At that time people don't have breakfast like tiffin but children used to eat 'Tarvani' mixed with pickle. It is made by keeping the remaining rice of last night mixed with buttermilk kept in black clay pot covered with a cloth. Evenings family members used to eat meals before 7 o'clock and go to bed by 9 o'clock. In summer seasons most of the times in villages no power. People used to manage with kerosene lamps. In movie theaters no generators. When we go to Second show at 11 P.M. at night because of power cuts, the show used to extended up to next day 4 or 5 A.M. some times. Children used to enjoy a lot as people used to live in combined families in the houses. Members please share such great memories in your childhood within this thread.
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    My grandparents lived at NarendraPur village in Siwan District, Bihar. They waited for our vacation When I was there with my brother and sister they spent a very happy moment with us. My grandmother started the day with taking our consents, today I am going to cook for you Bajaka. Tomorrow I would cook Jhuri for you. In the evening we would eat Pua and Puri. My grandfather took us to our orchard, where he ordered the caretaker to pluck the juicy mangoes for us. We sat there and ate the mangoes. My grandfather asked several times about the mangoes. They told us stories. They shared everything with us. Those days are memorable for me.
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    I have many memories of my childhood associated with my grandparents. We were having a joint family with 4 uncles and my grandparents. A huge open area was there in front of our house where my Dadaji used to do gardening. There were 2 big guava trees, one lemon tree and one big mango tree. There was a small lining adjacent to the wall full of tomatoes plants.
    My Dadaji was very much concerned about his plants and never allowed us to touch them.
    The guava tree was in front of his room's window.
    One day, when my Dadaji was sleeping, we all (me and my cousins) decided to climb on a guava tree to pluck the guavas. We were small but very much energetic so we all climbed the tree and suddenly we heard a loud scolding voice from the window of Dadaji's room. Yes, Dadaji had caught us red handed. We all were now nervous and then suddenly my didi got slipped from the branch and we all shouted in fear but God saved her. She got hooked on a small branch through the frill of her frock. She was hanging there till my Dadaji came outside and took her down.


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    It is really a good moment to remember our earlier days spent with our grandparents. We used to go to our grandparent's village in a year minimum three times. First time for Sankranti in the month of January, the second time for summer vacation in the month of May and the third time for Vijayadasami. My mother's parents were living in a village in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. They were staying in a village near to Kakinada, the capital of that District. I have never seen my father's father. He expired before I born. My Father's mother used to stay with us only. We were going to my mother;s parents house for these three times. Both my grandfather and grandmother were loving us and they used to take care of us very much. My grandmother used to make different types of dishes for us. My grandfather used to take me to Kakinada whenever he goes there and we used to have special sweets in Vasant Vihar hotel which is very famous those days. No responsibilities. No need to read and enjoy the time. There is a beautiful temple in the village. We used to go there and spend some time there. Then go to fields. Playing with other children there. Those are the days we enjoyed a lot. Gone are the days, they will never come back in the life again. Sweet memories. Thanks to the author for giving me an occasion to recollect my good memories.
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