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    The first small step is a stepping stone to success

    We always think of doing something, becoming something. But, do we really put in effort to do that? We need to take a single small step or you can say the first step towards the path of growth, happiness and that achievement.
    We see a lot many real life experiences, which people consider to be a stepping stone to success?
    Here one question that strikes my mind, if we undergo any tough incident or if we bear some pain, then only we will understand what purpose we hold in life? Or, sometimes, inspite of knowing that we have attained good things in life, we feel we are lacking behind somewhere or we are not getting what we really want. We sometimes even get the feeling that we are not able to pursue our passion or interest.
    As an example I will just tell on a video that I watched on Mithila Palikar, a great co-actress, and a star in web series. She very nicely explained, that nothing comes all of a sudden to us. Things are always random in life. And we should enjoy this Randomness. But, whatever you are thinking, if you have a passion for it or interest for it, try to work for it and pursue it. Give it a start, so that it can happen.
    Enjoy the every little moment of happiness, anger, love, work, peace, noise, sing, dance. One should always be hopeful in every situation. Hard times teach us, so a descent learning is necessary to teach ourselves the true meaning of life. That is why, give it a start if you really want to do it. Once one step is taken forward, the path will automatically seem to be easy. If you are truly dedicated, then God will help too "God helps those who helps themselves"- a very famous saying.
    If we take single step everyday, we can make big changes and for that one needs to be hopeful always and keep going.
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    Almost everyone of us know that if we work bit by bit on daily basis it can add to greater things. But the main problem is that most of us fail to take this everyday action. We are surrounded by things which seems inevitable and we are trapped in this Penelope web.
    I think the biggest obstacle in our way to success is our comfort zone which always try its best to entice us towards it. if we will not be passionate for our dream then I don't think we can make it.
    I disagree with the author that we can add meaning to our life if we will enjoy every moment of our life. It's not practically possible for human beings to enjoy every moment alike. We are swayed by emotions and even a small setback can put our self confidence to the bottom of Mariana trench.

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    First of all we must have the zeal to get to work. Once that is decided then step by step the task has to be finished reaching the goal. Surely setbacks and failures are expected and that should not deter our commitment towards the task. In this regard we must learn from the ants. How they identify the food source and how they transport and store for future in their dens would be mind boggling. We the human beings are not having confidence or the patience to wait and think for any next possible reach to the goal. Every problem has the definite solution and other way to get out of it. So next time never get perturbed with failures, as that is the stepping stone for success.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For any task to complete, we should make a beginning. The beginning may be in a small way. But it has to begin. Otherwise, there is no question of completing this. There are three types of people. The first type is they will never start. They will be scared to start and they feel they can't-do that work successfully. The second type persons will start the work with a lot of zeal but during the course of implementation, if there is a hindrance they will withdraw from that task. The third type persons will complete the task once they start it. They will never leave it in between. They plan and cross the stumbling blocks and march forward. The work which starts well will be finished well. I feel we should be always the third type. We should not get back to difficulties. Sometimes the things may not happen as we plan. It may go in another direction. But we should not take it as a setback. We should work out another way in which we will be successful. Sometimes the deserved result may not come in the way you wanted. But it will happen randomly. But nothing is free. You to put in all your efforts. Every moment is great in your life. Be happy always and enjoy every moment as it comes. I was having a strong desire of visiting the US. So I made a research paper and sent it to a seminar. The paper was accepted and I was invited to present that paper. But because some problems there was a delay in getting my Visa. So I couldn't make it. But I have not stopped my trails. I made another project and the results are successful. I made a paper. My visa is going to expire in the month of October. I received a communication about another seminar in the month of Agust. Immediately I have sent my paper on the new project. Got accepted and I received the invitation. As the visa is already in my hand I attended the seminar and had a good time there. So your desire will get fulfilled if you make some good and committed efforts towards that direction.
    always confident

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