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    Viral fever on the prowl, It affects every one. Take care.

    Since three days our entire colony is down with viral fever accompanied with severe body pain and head ache. It wont allow you to get up nor do any thing. Even attending to doctor not possible. Even in my house every one was affected. Only I could able to get up and do work but still not fully recovered. My appeal to all ISC members to take care of themselves against this viral disease. If it comes to one member of the family then others will also be certainly affected with severe head ache and continued vomiting. Even after taking injection and medicine the disease would stay for at least three days.
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    Both my daughter and myself suffered from viral fevel during last Saturday, Sunday and Monday. My daughter missed an examination due to this fever. Thankfully by the blessings of Almighty our condition has been improving since yesterday.
    Please take care of your family-members and yourself.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    These days because of this weather, many persons are getting affected by viral fever. Many of the Hospitals in Hyderabad are full of this type of patients only. A cough, cold and fever. My elder son was having a little cold. But recovered well. No problem. These fevers are mainly because of this weather. Nights it is cold, morning it is raining and in the afternoon heat. All the three seasons we are experiencing in a single day. These irregular conditions are causing this problem. It is advisable not to eat any food outside, even in a very big restaurant. Confine yourself to house food. Don't get wet in the rain. Don't directly get exposed to fan wind. Wear shirt always even when you sleep also so that your body will not get air directly from the fan. Don't drink anything cold. Don't consume many fruits in the night time. If you have any symptoms of fever have a paracetamol tablet. Don't neglect your health. In case of a cough and cold also try to take rest in the house and avoid attending duty. Be careful and have good health.
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    Wishing you and your family members a speedy recovery.

    This climate is very vulnerable and we all need to take the best care of our health with every possible precautions that we can take.

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    Wishing you well sir. In the cold weather, persistent rains, water pooling everywhere, water contamination is common and many people suffer from viral illness. In many parts of Bangalore Dengue is still the major culprit for the overflowing number of patients in hospitals. If anyone is ill out of proportion with viral fever and it persists more than 3 days, please do get yourself checked up for Dengue and malaria illness that can mimic a viral fever but need a different line of treatment.

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