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    "Robin Hood Army of India"

    The growth of GDP, one of the fastest growing economy, Demonetisation, Blackmoney etc., do not make any sense to the poor. They want food for their survival. There are millions men, women and children who are not having a square meal. One voluntary organisation called "Robin Hood Army" took it upon itself to redistribute the excess food to the poor to the extent possible.

    Robin Hood Is a legendary figure who robbed the rich to distribute it to the poor. "Robin Hood Army" a voluntary based organisation was started in Delhi on 26-08-2014, by Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha. The aim of this voluntary organisation is not to rob the money of the rich but redistribution of excess food to the poor and hungry. For this, they collaborated with restaurants who give excess food and sometimes freshly cooked food for the distribution to the poor and hungry. They approach wedding parties and other social functions where food is served and collect the excess food. They do not accept any money and collect only food, clothes, toys etc.,

    The volunteers are mostly young people from colleges and professionals. This organisation is operating in more than 40 places in India. In Pakistan at Karachi RHA is started on 15-02-2015 where young people are participating with enthusiasm. For young people, there are no barriers when it comes to social service and humanity. Now the operations of this organisation spread to more than 10 countries. They have also started "Robin Hood Academy" to educate the poor children.

    The young and enthusiastic members of the ISC may participate in this noble cause.
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    Very good to know this. In Hyderabad also recently this activity is started. They have given a phone number. If we have any excess food items which are going to be wasted, we can phone up and inform them. They will come, collect the food and distribute it to the needy. A good cause. Many people are supporting this activity. Especially in functions lot of food is getting wasted. That will be thrown out. Instead of that if we call them and give it to them. it will not get wasted and some hungry people will be happy to eat that food. So it is a wise idea. Evry one of us should encourage such group and donate as much as possible for the existence of such society.
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    Excellent community service initiative. Feeding someone is great, feeding someone with dignity is noble. Hat's off to these young volunteers who serve the hungry. Many of us would feel sorry and time angered with the amount of food piled in plates ( weddings, social parties) that just dumped in the bins. later poor people almost scavenge the bins to eat the leftovers. Instead, programs like this give a dignified meaning to feeding the poor.

    There are many reports of restaurants started by young entrepreneurs keep leftovers well packed in a container outside their shops so that the poor can have a decent meal. Some large apartment complexes have the concept of "Magic Fridge", wherein the excess food is kept in a well-displayed fridge that is accessible to anyone who's hungry.

    I remember my mother keeping leftovers in small aluminum tiffin boxes for the maidservants to be taken home by them. They used to gratefully take that and go. I'm not sure this still continues in many places but least in our homes, it's changed as many maids think it's below dignity to accept these leftovers (although still untouched by our hands)

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