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    Do they feel uncomfortable when they leave secluded environment?

    In West Bengal, Ramkrishna Mission Residential Schools of Narendrapur, Purulia, Rahara, Sarisha and some other places uniformly produce dazzling results in Xth and Xth standards year after year (West Bengal Board). The students are brilliant, disciplined, punctual, self-sufficient and possess many more good qualities. Similarly, students of Purulia Sainik School and various residential schools of Darjeeling district run by Missionary organisations also produce students with various qualities which are generally developed among the hostellers.

    However, I have seen some of the students of these prestigious and excellent residential schools can't cope up well once they come out of their secluded environment. Their marks nose-dive, they fall prey to various social ills. Some of them start taking drugs also. These happen who shift from residential schools to day colleges (at least this is my observation).

    Why do some of the students of residential schools feel uncomfortable and take wrong turn once they come out of secluded environment of school hostels? Members may kindly express their opinion.
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    I taught in a residential school and all my students that I am in touch with are successful in their careers. I do not think any of them faced any of the problems that you describe. I do not know the basis on which you derived your conclusion. But, my experience is that hostel life instils confidence in children. They are better able to cope with the struggles of life than children who have their parents making every decision for them.

    It could be that the students that you mention lived a sheltered life, away from an abusive home environment. It could be that once they begin living at home they are faced with the stark realities that they were hitherto unaware of. An alcoholic or abusive parent, for instance. Staying at home is the only 'big' change in their lives and perhaps instrumental in their declining social and academic behaviour. Only a drastic change in the environment can bring about such a sweeping behavioural change in students.

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    Ms. Juana: I have mentioned that only some of the students of residential schools get diverted once they join normal college. And abusive home is not the real reason. May be general indiscipline of Indian society changes them a lot.
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    This may be a problem with the individual. Some of my relations studied in residential schools in Vizag and Vijayawada. They obtained very good marks and they settled well in their life and they are very comfortable. But there is a stray example also. One of my distant relation admitted his son in a residential college for Intermediate in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Two years he stayed there in the hostel with friends. Within that two years, he has become a big drunkard. He never completed even a single paper of Intermediate. The school was very famous and very costly. Produced many good students. After coming home after completing 2 years also he continued his bad habit. He never passes +2. But he is having a lot of money. He got married. But he continued drinking. But his wife took him to Chennai where there was a hospital where people will be treated for stopping their drinking habits. Finally, from the last 3 or 4 years, he stopped drinking. Now he is around 58 years.
    So imbibing bad habits and getting spoiled may be dependent on the individual but the institution may not be responsible that.

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    Dr. Rao: The subject-matter of the thread is little bit different. I stated that after coming out from the disciplined environment of hostel/residential school, some students (not all) cannot cope up with the indisciplined general environment of society and educational institutions. The can't perform well when they take admission in normal college.
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    The author has posted a very interesting and important observation regarding effect of change in environment in ones performance.

    In addition to the example the author has given there is a situation when a student leaves the cosy and comfortable home atmosphere and goes to a distant college and lives in a shared apartment or an ordinary hostel exposed to society and its evils.

    Whenever there is such a change it becomes difficult for the person to accommodate and adjust and he falls for many vices for which he was earlier secluded. This change is sometimes detrimental for his progress as well as growth and the parents are also unable to understand why suddenly the student has turned a laggard.

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    Of course, you spoke of a few students and I understood that. I speak for everybody, that I know, who has been a boarder. The examples that you gave of falling grades and developing bad habits etc. are also applicable to someone who's been a day's scholar.

    Hostelers, in my view, develop strong personalities. Responsibilities and discipline are thrust upon them at a young age. They are constantly surrounded by people close to their age and that adds to their experiences. They do not, easily, buckle under pressure and I doubt that the general environment could drastically influence their psyche. For someone who is 'trained' to be disciplined getting distracted does not come easily.

    Only a major setback can have that kind of effect on a person. I do not think indiscipline in society has that big a role to play. It has to be a combination of factors. And if it is the society that is an influence then every young student would fall prey to it.

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