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    What is your opinion about the present and future situation about the lay-off in IT companies

    We have been hearing the lay-off announcements from top MNC's these days. Top MNC like Cognizant, Wipro, HCL, TCS has decided to lay-off the not so performing employees. I have heard that the hiring process for 2017 is damn slow and also by 2025 the rate of unemployed graduated will be high. Let's discuss here how to increase the opportunities of employment.
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    It's true that severe layoff is going on in topmost service based MNC's company while it's not true that they are laying off low-performers.

    When the company sees that they can no longer afford the employees in their organisation, they list out employees who are on bench (bench in IT industries is when they are not tagged into any projects) and will ask them to put down the papers and if they won't do it voluntarily they will be terminated from the company with no benefits. THe employees are left with no choice in such scenario.

    It is just an excuse by the HR's and the management that the employee is low-performing, whereas I have seen them getting so many recognition and accolades from the same company and yet suddenly one day they are asked to drop the papers. This is prominently seen in a service based company where they hire the resources in bulk irrespective of the requirement and when a slight recession hits them they lay-off the resources in bulk.

    Solution :

    1. While choosing a company see the history and the frequency of lay-off they have exercised. Avoid such companies no matter how big compensation they might offer you.
    2. The companies can avoid bulk hiring and take resources only as per requirement as done by the majority of the product based company.

    The hiring process has definitely slowed down but down the lane, in few years it will again rise as there will be a requirement for new talents and fresh ideas. IT can't run with old ideology as development and technologies are growing rapidly.

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    I am also hearing that some IT industries are terminating some employees. This is happening at the senior level, I was told. Still, many companies are recruiting some engineers, Mainly freshers. This is being done to bring down their expenditure. But it is not the end of the day. For any industry, there will be some ups and downs. Presently IT industry is going slow. Yesterday I have seen in the news again the USA is giving Visa fast. So there is some relief for the people whoa re presently stationed at the USA. Companies will pick up definitely and I think employment creation will be there.
    But presently the telecom industry is doing very bad because of the unwanted competition and fight between jio and Airtel. Small companies may not survive. But we will see a good jump in the manufacturing sector and defence sector. Employment potential will increase.
    But it is true that non-performers will perish. If you want to survive you have to perform. No other way.

    always confident

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