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    Do you agree all round development of a student criteria is neglected in education system?

    Once Gandhiji opined education is the all round development of an individual both mentally and spiritually. But our present education system is giving importance to academics only but not giving importance to activities which build character moulding, personality development, developing good moral attitudes etc. Most of the Indian schools organized by Central government, State Board schools and very large number of private organizations simply giving importance to academics leaving everything away from the educational curriculum. For government schools it is very difficult to provide required basic amenities for even to run schools to see the academic side of the students. Government at the center as not initiating any good solutions to this problem. I think schools are not giving importance to all round development of the students is a fault or draw back in our Indian educational system. What is your opinion regarding this folks?
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    Our education system is evolved from the British system. This system was started in our country by those people which will produce clerks and Accountants. They have given us the freedom but still, we are hanging on time old models only in education. Read a book, make it by heart and write the exam. You are qualified. But no mention about the need of ethics, discipline and morals. Forget about extra circular activities like games. This is the way it is going.
    In ancient days Gurukul type education is there. That system is very good and that system is producing a matured citizen whereas in this system we are getting academically qualified citizen. The government has to take up this point very seriously and see that a good system will be in place. I think this is the need of the hour.

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    The present system of education is evolved with time and it has many good features for learning and gaining knowledge.
    Unfortunately the present system is more academic then skill based. Though there are some technical courses or diplomas but they are truly not integrated in the main course education.
    Our education has created lot of post graduates in science and engineering and also PhD in various areas. We have not been able to amalgamate them in our job patterns.
    Probably this requires a lot of overhauling in our education system so that only few persons having aptitude should go for research projects while the mediocre ones should be stopping their education at integrated diploma or degree level.
    A person highly educated by default aspires for a higher position which is not practically possible.

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    Nice thread, the present day education is trying to get right to the decimal point in marks ( 98.9999), enrolling for popular brands of weekend Speed coaching and the weight of books carried reflects how good the school is.
    More or less this system gives rise to unhealthy levels of competition, stress at a young age where instead of enjoying childhood, children spend more time ta school and tuition.
    The extra circular activity would be a mandatory keyboard class or a karate class. Little attention is given to social and moral responsibilities at a young mouldable age. What parents would want out of the education system is that a framework that makes the children mature into young responsible adults with a high standard of honesty, integrity, and accountability; have a decent chance of getting into a career of their choice, to be able to shoulder the responsibility of raising a family ( not taking it as a burden) and to be able to care for their elderly parents.

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    Yes certainly the talent and all round ability of each student is not recognized nor promoted in any school either at the government level or by private management. The private schools think that it is the waste of time for the students to divert from studies and that may have effect on their performance . So good studying students are kept away from cultural activities and not even allowed to participate in NCC and other social service exercises. Like wise in corporate college level too, they are not interested in prayers, observing holidays for the festivals as they simply conduct the classes with door closed and students get frustrated over such kind of jail life. The district education officer must go round the school and colleges and cancel their licence if they wont recognize the talent and all round ability of each student.
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