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    Why do some people not behave cordially?

    In our day to day life we come across many people and have interactions with them. It is observed that some of them are well behaved while some are not cordial and will talk in a shrewd tone.

    Those who are not cordial have certain peculiar characteristics. They have a habit of negating things irrespective of whoever talking to them. They derive a sadistic pleasures by talking to people in arrogant ways. These type of personalities are generally not liked in society and people avoid them.

    Have you come across such people? What your opinion about them?
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    We will see different types of people in the society. The behaviour of the person may change from time to time and person to person. A person who is generally very nice may talk in a little arrogant way when he is not in good mood. A person may talk to you very nicely and he may not talk to me in the same way. Generally, I will be very good with people. But I shout sometimes on some people who repeatedly do the same mistake. These are various factors we have to take into account about the nature of the person.
    Some people may really behave like that. They may not be successful in their life. Nobody will accept them and nobody likes them. As far as possible we should be good with all others. But if somebody is trying to take a ride on you thinking that you are no good, we should not leave them. we should teach a lesson to them

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    Different people have different temperament. It is the result of the upbringing and probably genetics. So their behaviour pattern will be different.
    In society most of the people are those who behave normally and to some extent they are all cordial. It is those few who make the situation unpleasant.
    We have to tackle this latter category with caution. They will immediately react to your statement and will never be agree with you and you will also feel to avoid them in future. This is the reality with which we have to live in this world. It is very difficult to correct such people because they have an inbuilt arrogant behaviour.
    I feel these people are in minority. The problem comes when such people are sitting in key positions in offices and organisations and the customer feels very embarassed in talking to them or getting work done by them.

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    Each one of us has a unique makeup and outlook that make you different from others. When we interact with others at work, public places and social gatherings there are many factors that influence the conservation (you, the other person, ambience, current discussion and the past history between you both).

    To start with most of us are inherently cordial to interact with each other, as time goes on the same interaction slowly takes a different path due to minor issues,assumstions and presumtions that makes converastions frosty.Many a time we carry small grudges against some individuals that always affects the way in which we interact with that particular individual as we are already biased from the beginning.

    Every circle we move in today's world will have someone or another who is the proverbial "rotten apple in the basket". Thankfully such people are outnumbered by friendly souls. These individuals can quickly be picked up if one watches for key features - Self-centered, angered easily, always feels important above all etc.

    The way I've learnt to deal is to keep conservations as clear as possible, polite but professional approach at all times when I have to deal with them, if the conversation is getting difficult I quietly disengage and move on unless it's really important or get another member present in the discussion so that there is no room for me to be misquoted to our superiors.

    One other thing I find is such people often more hostile to a fellow colleague especially if he or she is deligent, honest, hardworking and wellliked by the many other employees. These difficult individuals never miss an oppournity to pass on a negative input to the higherups.

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    Every human being carry different characteristics and different traits. Howsoever we behave it depends upon our surroundings and our atmosphere and how we have been brought throughout our lives. Similarly, our behaviour get used to of that, and we start behaving like that. Being cordial and flexible is a sign of an easy going person, but this does not mean that people who are harsh in speaking and straightforward, are really bitter. We also find some people who are tough from outside , but very soft from their inner heart.
    And of course, if somebody will be against your values, or if their traits do not match with yours, the right bonding of being a good friend will not be able to form, and so the society will not accept such a person.
    And there is a very famous saying on it"we are able to form a nice bonding with someone, only if we are able to connect through our hearts." These things also depend upon various experiences, if the person either finds happiness in home or not, may be they do not like the behaviour at home, and so similarly same sadness in observed when such people talk and they look arrogant. It depends upon past experiences as well.

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    The main reason is ego in them. A small story. Once a small frog frightened to come out of its burrow. One day the king was passed on his elephant and a gold coin left from the king.It rolled out near the burrow. By holding the coin,the frog warned the elephant to cross the burrow with care. Similarly many people in higher position forget to approach others cordially

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