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    Jallikattu THREE result

    Dear Members,
    The ISC Jallikattu game was played well by five ISC Bull fighters namely Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao, Gaurav, Neethu Padmini and Partha (Kindly Refer this thread.

    Dr. Rao, Gaurav Neethu and Padmini fought well and could control all the bulls. The clue to control the bull was - PINEAPPLE.

    Mr. Partha could not get all the right bulls. He could get only seven bulls.

    Let us congratulate all the successful bull fighters of Jallikattu THREE. Well done Dr. Rao, Gaurav, Neethu and Padmini.

    @ Mr. Partha can quote the fruit that has nine alphabets for his answer.

    Sorry members, I could not announce the result on 17th September as assured by me owing to personal domestic commitments. Next Jallikattu will be played during Deepavali days.
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    Thank you, Sun for making me to win this competition. Congratulations to Gaurav, Padmini and Neethu for sharing the victory. I am really happy for this.
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    Congratulations to Dr. Rao, Mr. Gaurav, Ms. Neethu and Ms. Padmini for winning this interesting contest. May Jallikattu continue to thrive in future.
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    Congratulations Dr. Rao, Gaurav and Padmini for winning this contest and I am glad I could also be one of them.

    Thank you, Mr. Sun, for bringing up such contest, hope to see much more.

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    Congratulations to all the Co winners. The hint of fruit name helped me win this.

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