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    Images in Articles- Need guidance

    A picture speaks more than words, some things can be better explained with pictures. If I want to insert a picture that I see in the images on the internet which speaks exactly what I want to say, I understand that due to the policy I won't be able to insert that in my article.

    But can I include it if I can mention the source from where I originally took it? What is the right way to do it? Because certain images we won't be able to click and to explain it we will have to take the help of the images. So now I am in a dilemma, how can I go ahead with it?

    For e.g, recently I wrote an article about Kidney Stone, I wanted to insert images regarding it but I was unsure of the process. So can someone guide me what is the right process and how to proceed in such scenarios?
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    Neethu, just check out whether this help topic could give you the answer. Do go through the posting guidelines too. Please do come back if you still have any doubt.
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    The ideal size of an image is 800x400 pixels. 800 width and 400 height. How to upload an image-
    1. Take the screen shot of the image.
    2. Paste it in paint shop.
    3. Do cropping and resize the image.
    4 Save as jpeg or png file.
    5.Upload the image in the main post.
    6. Cut the text of image and paste where you want in the article.
    7. Better you take demo from somebody near you.

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    Thank you so much Mr. Saji will go through them and will respond if my doubt still persists.

    Thank you, Mr. Sharma!

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