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    Experience of constructing a house

    Many among the members of ISC might have experienced the construction of a house. It may be for own use or for renting out. However the experience must be still hanging in memory
    Unless one has enough money it will be a Herculean task. Starting from making money one might face various problems. Most of the middle class people will be taking loans. Next issue will be construction. Plan and estimate preparation ought to have completed beforehand. Still we will be straining ourselves at every stage.
    Personally I did this exercise at an age of 30 comparitively at a younger age.
    By the time I completed the construction my hair became almost grey and my friends relatives were wondering what happened yo me ! The amount of strain I had undergone while the house was being constructed was reflected this way perhaps.
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    Good thread that suits me. Few decades ago, I thought of owning a good house in my village, and I started constructing a house. Unfortunately and fortunately I could not go ahead with the construction work after the sunshades. I restarted my construction work in the month of January 2017. 95 percent of the work has been completed now. I did not have any money problem. Everything went on smoothly. I have no Owings due to anyone. I have a good contractor who is constructing my house. Today evening I went to the hardware shop and procured few items for my bathroom. The paintwork has just commenced today. I had great difficulty in selecting the paint for different rooms. I will be the proud owner of my house by the end of this month. I have planned to perform the house warming ceremony in the month of January 2018 after Pongal.
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    Well said sir, In Kannda, there's a saying "Build a house from scratch & organise a wedding and see" often used when people compare how difficult a particular job is or when one is facing hurdles and hardships in completing a job.

    I remember my father who built our house over 5 years with his hard earned money and loans, he still lives there without wanting to move to home. I guess doing something like building a house overcoming all difficulties without any ill-gotten wealth for a common middle-class person is a lifetime achievement. The way the Indian family concept has changed and the apartment culture has grown, only people like you would realise the true value and meaning of taking on and completing a complex task - building a home.

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    Constructing a house is a big project and every individual may not be capable of undertaking this massive task.

    Right from identification of a suitable plot, it's genuine transfer in ones name, civic formalities, selecting a convenient and compact design for house layout, arranging materials and manpower, checking the quality of construction, finishing and furnishing etc are the main activities which are to be completed in a time frame.

    Over and above this, one should have adequate financial resources either from self or loan.

    That is the reason why many people go for readymade house/flat or give the task to a contractor.

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    There is a proverb in Telugu which means that construct a house and see, conduct a marriage and see. Both are very difficult tasks. But I have constructed an independent house in Hyderabad. I am lucky I got a very good contractor who organised the things very well. Whatever initially accepted, were completed without any deviation. The loan also he organised with known sources from LIC Housing Finance. Only in between some time and I have to go there with my wife and see the construction. On the day of slab making my colleague, a civil Engineer came and supervised the whole affair. So the slab has come very well and no single drop leakage is observed. My son who was doing B.Tech at that time with my driver stood there during the entire operation on that day. So I should say that I have not faced any problems in my house construction activity.
    But I have seen many people who suffered a lot during this process. All depends on the contractor whom you have selected. If we have a reliable contractor, we may have fewer problems.

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    In Tamil there is a saying that " Kalyanam panni paar , Vedai katti paar " that means perform marriage and see and construct a house and see how difficult it is. But fortunately I started by house dream in the year 1999 and in the same year a plot was purchased. And with Gods grace in the year 2002 Jan the house was started constructing and within 3 months the entire work was completed and that was my biggest achievement at the age of 37 as in our entire family on paternal side no one gone for Independence house but for flats , But I have constructed the Independent house with four portions.
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    I am happy to see that the responses to my thread are almost similar. In my case I started the construction without any amount in my hand. I was actually afraid to start. My father told me to proceed with construction. He arranged the wood works at his residence, about 150 km away from here. The plan and estimates were prepared by my wife ( who is a civil engineer, not employed at that time. Later she joined State PWD as AE). Still I had to find out money. Some of my relatives helped me with personal loans to begin with. Later one bank sanctioned a loan and with all these I managed the construction.

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    Yes,construction of a house is more difficult than a house. That is what people told,'kalyanam panni paar,veetil kattippaar'which means the difficulty in both can only get realized by doing and not mere discussing or saying. But in which sense our elders linked this two, I do not know but present day situation matches well in the two. We used to see daily here and there many houses got demolished and converted into pigeon holes by the own children either during the lifetime or after of the parents without knowing the real pain they met while constructing the same. Similarly parents arranging marriage for their daughters through their hard-earned money and hectic roaming of here and there,but the girls simply elopping out in the name of love. So both the triumphs are getting demolished even before their eyes.

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    "...building a house overcoming all difficulties without any ill-gotten wealth for a common middle-class person is a lifetime achievement. "- That is a classic statement. I am one who has experienced the urge and dream, anxiety, difficulties, tensions and after all those - the excitement in achieving that.

    I could build a home only after I retired from job.(Refer the first line quoted).

    I faced difficulty starting from getting the papers like title deeds,prior deeds, EC, possession certificate, measurement etc; and in getting bank loan. As I was retired no bank was ready to give loan. The property was an undivided ancestral one. The building was to be one with individual apartment flats each for the joint owners(brothers). These added to the complexities and fear of banks. The only relief was, I did not face the issue of bribe and corruption. I was requiring only legally permitted things, with a construction budget very low and area just a bit more than a bird's nest for each flat

    I did not get a contractor to build the house on such a shoestring budget and small area. No one was used to do like that. Then at last a schoolmate of my younger brother who was in that profession now, came to take up that. He knew our family since his child days. He took it as a challenge.

    I did the initial rough sketch idea and plan how the house should be. This idea he translated into practical design and drawing with help of an approved architect. After some interaction, he resonated in my wave length and even adjusted things complying yo my sentiments like keeping the old well, etc. even though that gave some limitation to design. I had to take loan from a private lender institution.

    The loan was less than I wanted and expected. However as I had some anticipation of such problems, I had kept in place some cushion and precaution. As my brothers were not having any knowledge or fiance I had to see everything from the start.

    However by the grace of God and with my firmness and conviction the construction was over as per schedule and w could move in without loss of time. There never was a default of payment. As I did not allow any change from the budget and plan,not a rupee was needed extra than the budget. Thank God, the EMI s are also going regular.

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