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    Does Ignorance of the people is also a factor for the country undeveloped?

    As a few years back I read one tragedic story of a family where they were feeding a snake in the house as family members treated that snake as a god daily they used to give milk to the snake and food e.t.c. One night the snake bite entire family one by one and everybody died in the family including small children. Today I read one more story in Newspaper that they are worshiping Snake anthil in telugu 'Pamu putta' in their house they treat as this deivid tumors or family Deities. Do you think Indian people are still having so much ignorance without eradicating this how country gets developed.Knowlegeable members,please respond to the question.
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    As far as I know snakes can't be tamed. So feeding snakes is a very bad and dangerous habit. I read a story written by Khushwant Singh on this issue (feeding milk to snakes). It is really very sad that even now, some people feed snakes and in case of snake-bite, take the patient to village quack often causing death of the patient.

    Sanakes can't be tamed (although snake-charmers claim the opposite) because they don't have much memory to distinguish human beings. We need to stop this practice of feeding snakes. Moreover, milk is not a food for snakes. Snakes take milk as a substitute of water.

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    Still, this practice of feeding milk to snakes is very famous in almost all the villages of Andhra and Telangana. People here treat snake as a God. The belief is that Snake is another incarnation of Subhramanya Swamy. Subhramanya Swamy is worshipped by the couples who don't have children. The belief is if they pray him they get children. I don't want to comment on this practice.
    But giving milk to snakes is not good as per science also. Snake is not very reliable to tame it. As mentioned by Partha they can't distinguish between people. But many people may not accept that. If any snake wants to take revenge on a particular person, it will hunt that man and bite him, is very well accepted theory by many people.
    Definitely, intelligent people are encashing the innocence of some people. People should learn and get themselves equipped with their defence always. Otherwise, we have to face the music But for nondevelopment of the country, these innocent people can't be blamed. This is also because of the acts of intelligent people only.

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    Every society has a culture and it is difficult to live without ones culture. There are some modern people who do not believe in their culture but in that process they acquire new culture. This may look slightly confusing but it is the fact which has been experienced by generations.

    The problem in a particular society is not limited to only ignorance. The unfortunate and deep rooted things are superstitions which are making even the highly educated and knowledgeable persons their victim.

    Some people feel that with lot of education imparted to common masses and with modernization these ignorance and superstitions will vanish. I do not see any such thing happening in near future. Probably we have to live with this situation for a few decades more or who knows may be for good.

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    Even though we have achieved a lot of positive things like education from the best institutes, enjoying best health care from super speciality Hospitals, our old superstitions has hardly died down. Offering milk to snakes is one of the bad practices prevailing almost in all parts of the country. The wrong perception of these peoples cannot be wiped out when they think that by offering milk to these deadly snakes will elevate their lucks. They would not like to hear any argument advanced by you. May be it is temporary phase and with the advancement of time, these things will vanish because of spread of education.

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    There are three different entities linked in this thread, hence I feel a general statement cannot be made. 1. Ignorance of people, 2.Feeding of snakes 3. underdeveloped status of the country.

    Putting all three together and implying that people who feed snakes are ignorant and hence our country is still underdeveloped is a far-fetched thought.

    In a country as vast and as diverse as India, Feeding milk to snakes, stopping while a cat crosses the road, tree workshop will continue to happen and can be called as religious beliefs, superstitions or deep-rooted myths that can be endlessly argued either way.

    Yes, feeding of snakes at home has to be objected for the safety of children and adults at home. It's not ignorance as every adult and many 7-10 years old will know that the snake can bite and people die after snake-bite.There are many reasons for a country to be underdeveloped and it would be a new thread by itself.

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    #609521 What I mean to say is I am giving an example This is one example which you can know how people are ignorant there are many things which can bring to the table that is why I generalized here so that you will get understand better. For example Toilets, some people still believe that open place is nice for excretion so they will never goto bathrooms even that is available....
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    First of all in India snakes especially Cobra gets lots of religious attention owing to snakes present in various form of avatars of Gods. But some people are so esteem reverence to snakes and even go to the extent of putting hands in to the ant hill where normally snakes occupy the space and there are every chance of biting too. Normally there is a wide believe that snakes drink milk but it is fond of eggs. In the above two stories cited by the author, the first one being too much attachment to snake as the family might have thought it as God above all Gods and thus feeding it.. But snake is a snake and it has the habit of biting even when some one touches its body and for self defense it will bite and wont see whether it is master or others. Likewise in second story too when a ant hill appears due to termite presence inside the house, snakes do occupy the same and praying snake pit has become Hindu ritual and that cannot be stopped and no way connected to development of the country..
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    In our country or to that matter in any developing or underdeveloped country the ignorance or irrationality of the people is a matter of concern. Due to this many ill faiths or false beliefs are conceived by the people and their actions are accordingly manifested.
    It is unfortunate that many people inspite of well educated are fallen in such pits of false beliefs.
    As far as the progress of a country is concerned that is definitely linked to open and rational citizens also.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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