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    Humbly seeking two small clarifications

    Yesterday I submitted two College courses being taught at Sarsuna Law College, Calcutta. Most probably these two courses submitted by me have been deleted. In this connection, I would like to know whether submission of College courses has been discontinued, or not. If it is discontinued, I will not further submit any other College courses.

    On 19th September, 2017 and on 20th September, 2017, I uploaded two payment invoices. However, I have not received any acknowledgement/alert in these cases. Earlier I used to receive alerts whenever I used to upload the invoices. Has this system of alert for payment invoice been discontinued now?

    Kindly clarify.
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    The first point I am not sure.
    When we submit our invoice it is acknowledged through our registered email. But no separate alert will be received. When I raised an invoice in the first week of September 2017, I received an email as an acknowledgement. I have also received my payment and an email has come when my payment is sent to the bank. So I am sure that you will receive an email regarding your invoice. You can check your emails once.

    always confident

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