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    Indian leaders a discussion - Jawaharlal Nehru

    There seems to controversy and misunderstanding over decisions made by leaders who commanded immense popularity and guided India through important times. Let us discuss over their actions and contribution to Indian politics and economy.
    Caution: Don't be derogatory.
    The first leader in this series of discussion is Jawaharlal Nehru. Friends, put your points about what you feel about his public life and things where he went wrong and his positives.
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    It is good. We have to write about merits and demerits of our First Prime Minister Mr. Nehru.
    1. Nehru introduced Democracy in India.
    2. He used to respect Opposition leaders.
    3.He is responsible for the Panchaseela Agreement.
    4. He brought in the concept of five years planning
    5. He is a follower of Gandhi.
    6.He is the man who referred the Kashmir valley issue to United Nations. This was gone against the advice of Gandhi and Patel.
    7.He was silently observing the actions of China while invading Tibet in 1950.
    8.Socialism was declared as the government policy by him
    9. He has not utilised the chances for India to join as a permanent member of UNSC, keeping China in mind. Many of his actions were in support of China. Sardar Patel warned him also against this. But Nehru never bothered.
    10.He has not responded properly to the technology offer given by Kennedy in 1961, for nuclear weapons, which might have made us more stronger before China.
    11. He is responsible for the division of subcontinent into two countries. That has become a big issue and many problems to India because of that decision. This decision is taken for his personal interest only.

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    1. A charismatic leader in our fight for Independence with an international presence.

    2. Had a sophisticated aura and won the admiration of many women.

    3. Commonly blamed for the Nehru Dynasty rule in India, when in reality he had not even named his successor.

    4. Facilitated the growth of private and public sector industries in India.

    5. Follower of Mahatma Gandhi along with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ( who became the first Deputy PM).

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    In the newly independent India Nehru was a person seen by people with respect and aspirations that the free country then will progress in leaps and bounds. To quite a good degree it happened. Many schemes were introduced, new constructions were made, new departments, schools, dispensaries and lot of activities were undertaken to develop India in all fronts. A number of public sectors were formed which created not only a large number of Govt jobs but added a lot to GDP.

    What went wrong was in a free country slowly the discipline and governance started to deteriorate and bribery and corruption took a front seat as people in powerful places as well as big businessmen started to exploit all the situations where there was a scope of making money with ill conceived and wrong methods.

    If someone says that only Nehru was responsible for it then it is difficult to accept that as there came so many leaders and Prime Minister one by one after him that it is not possible to pinpoint the level of corruption during his time and after him. If dynasty factor is the culprit then also the responsibility goes to the offspring of Nehru rather Nehru himself.

    The degradation of governance from British period to free India is a factor which even international analysts are also not able to comprehend but it is a fact that situation has gone so critical that the present Govt which is showing its honesty of purpose and anti corruption agenda is also at the cross roads to how to tackle this deep rooted evil of indiscipline and corruption.

    As far as Nehru era is considered he tried and in fact achieved many development targets and he had a vision for India's growth in terms of manufacturing, employment, education and foreign trade.

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    Point no. 7. Is there any wrong in that movie. It was accepted then and even now by our leaders that Tibet is an integral part of one china policy. It is india's position that Tibet is an integral part of china .
    Point no. 10 can there be more elaboration on this. Because it was a report in media but officiallly U.S has no such claims. Even is it was so what U.S expected in return must be elongated.
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    Can you elobrate on how Nehru led to growth of private industries in India.

    Must is discussed about his NAM policy. So friends do you think NAM was right policy for India?

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    Well he was one of the most lavish spending leader who lived with style and never compromised on his living habits come what may be and who may criticize. He may be born rich, what is the use of such wealth when he wont reach to the poor nor helped anyone. After becoming PM his welfare measures are from the government coffer to which he took credits. Most of the time he was roaming all the foreign countries and in that process he trained Indira Gandhi as his next successor. So the hereditary rule was started by him in the Congress and that was continued even today by the party.
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