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    Why in movies hero is left free even if he kills many?

    In some movies, the hero will face court trials if he kills someone. But in some movies, there won't be any trials at all even if he kills tens of baddies. Why there is such contradiction in our movies?
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    See the producers and the directors are having fixed answer that in the name of entertainment they can show anything whether the public likes are not. What further astonishing that a hero takes on scores of goons and fights without getting injured. The goons get battered one after other giving ample chance for the hero to bounce and punish. So that is the element of entertainment and that is the reason being so even Censor board does not interfere and pass with certificate. It is the Censor Board which must clarify as to what kind of film must be produced and that will be law binding.
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    He will not be punished because he is the hero. His fans will never accept their hero getting punished.They spoil the theatre and they will spoil the chairs. They make a lot of violence there.That movie will not be watched by any fan of that hero. So no profits to the movie. The very purpose the business is lost. Why producers produce movies. As they want to earn money. Hence they are not supposed to do any act which is against their wish. So stories will be written keeping these points in mind. A hero without any weapon in his hand can fight with dozens of people. All will die. But nothing will happen to the hero. The enemy will shoot the hero. The bullet will go through his hand. He will be operated. These are all common happenings. No reality. We should not expect reality in movies. No logic in movies. Don't expect any logic. Movies are just to enjoy without bothering about any other aspect. How many lovers will go and dance in the park in our real life. This is a business and the way business will be done is to proofits
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    Looking at it from a different angle. Why do go to movies - to spend time, to get lost in fantasy, to forget the day to day hardships of life. Few will like to see a sad movie full of crying and loved ones dying.

    For many movies are a means of entertainment, 2-3 hours wherein we can see on the screen what we dream of a handsome husband, a lovely wife, a supercar, tons of money, standing up for the right cause, seeing that justice is delivered. We all have images of superheroes in our minds who can do nothing wrong, he is invincible and nothing is wrong if it upholds the truth, kills the bad guys and helps the common man.

    We all know that it's not humanly possible for the hero to fight with 25 people, jump from 50 feet buildings, running through flames but barring a few dull movies we still watch the rest and like it,

    For the commercial movie makers, it would be shattering that dream and almost like an anti-climax if the hero is jailed or granted death penalty. For the serious movie buffs, there are always, documentaries, period dramas, and art films. Both types are movies and both have its own fans.

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    That is what a movie is all about, it just includes the fun and entertainment element in it. It rolls over the drama only. The hero plays the role greatly, even if he killing a lot many bad people, he is being left because according to people he is a 'hero' and the one who does good for people in any ways. And also, since these are just roles, so they show like this in movies.
    In every movie, there is one common thing that the hero will always be saved in any way or he will come alive even if he is dying.

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    He does not face any trial because he is a hero. A hero is one who does good things, a hero is one who fight against evils, a hero is one who fight against injustice. In every movie the hero fight against some villains who represent evil and by killing them the hero only ease the work of the police administration and earns respect from people.
    Also, movies are meant for fun and entertainment. Many things happen in movies which can not be justified practically. How a single man can kill hundreds of men alone. Villains shoot with guns in large number at hero but no single bullet touches him but when the hero fires, he kills villain in 90 percent of shots.
    Sometimes, its better to put aside your logic and wits as it can spoil your fun.

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