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    Appreciation to our member Dr NVS Rao for inquiring about my well being this evening.

    As already reported my whole family got affected with viral fever accompanied by severe head ache, body ache, vomiting etc. When the entire family members are bed ridden nothing can be done. Everything was confused and commotion. Our main door was not opened, our phones went dead for not recharging. And luckily I was able to come out of the disease within one day. But my wife and son has suffered a lot. Even my wife was hospitalized with serious condition and that made me to stay away from ISC. But it is the nice gesture from Dr N V Srinivasa Rao , our member who stays few kilometers from my home has inquired and I felt entire ISC family has inquired.
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    I am observing from last two days that you are not there on the site. Recently you have raised a thread about viral fevers in Hyderabad in which you have mentioned that you are all suffering. When these are combined I felt that I should inquire about your health and hence called. Very happy to note that you and your family members are recovering from the fever. Please take care of the health. Health is wealth. We should not neglect it.
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    It feels sad to know that your family is suffering from viral, hope they get well soon Sir.. I did not go through the post so I was not aware about it. It feels so great when our friends remember us when we are not well, just like Rao Sir did.. Hope your family get well soon Mohan Sir.
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    First of all, regret to know that all in the family are affected by ill health. Whatever we can imagine, the real suffering you all would have faced is beyond imagination. Praying for your and family members' speedy recovery and resumption of normal routine.

    Second, I appreciate the keen observation of DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao. That is a good quality and helpful in our daily life.
    I am not regular in ISC for past many days due to my other engagements. I could not go through many of the posts here these days.Hence I did not notice the difference which signalled Rao.

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