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    I saw the love behind that pain.

    I was so excited to go to a new place, my mom was packing things for me in the suitcase. I was too happy to bother why she was not happy. What made her sad? She was giving me way too many instructions which were bouncing off my head. All I knew was that I am going to a new place where there will be many other kids. I was very excited to make new friends.

    We went to the railway station where I spoke a lot asking my mom many questions but with every answer, there was a heaviness in her voice. When the train arrived my mom couldn't stop crying, I got inside and waited for them to get in. But only my dad got in along with me. She didn't come with us. As the train left I peeped through the windows to still see her crying. I knew not why. I was confused. But I soon forgot about and got excited about the new place.

    The very next day we reached our destination, I was given a cot and a place to keep my stuff along with other children. My dad was also with me in this new place and I thought it's going to be like this forever. We bought new school bag, books, tiffins etc. He was there with me for almost a week, I got adjusted to the new surroundings, and other mates. Everything was disciplined over here, there was a timetable for everything, I was a bit afraid initially but since my father was there I was at ease.

    Almost a week later, while I was in the class, the school peon came to the class to call me saying that I have a visitor.

    I went to the visiting room and saw my father sitting there. I was so happy to see him in the school that too during the school timings. I gave him a tight hug, but his eyes were red. He started giving me same instructions like my mom. A list of to-do's and don'ts, I felt like he was going to leave me, but I was so sure that he wouldn't leave me all alone among these new people.

    In the end, he said, be like a good girl saying so he said he will be returning home by train that evening. He told me to get back to class and left the visiting room. I wondered what he meant by he was returning home by train that evening. All thoughts started clouding my mind, how will I be alone over here, where is he going? Why is he not taking me along?

    By the time I realised that when I'll return back from school he won't be at the new place where we were staying, I felt that my whole world was darkened. I didn't go to my class, I saw him almost reaching the school gate to leave. I ran behind him to stop him from leaving me in this new place, but he had already stepped out of the school gate and he saw me running towards him. The watchman didn't let me go outside, he closed the gate seeing me running towards him. My dad stood in the gate and through my tears I saw his tears as well but he left me crying in the school gate. I kept banging the metal school gate wailing loudly to take me home along with him. But he was far beyond my scream now. No-one could console me at that time, there was nothing that could stop my tears from flowing.

    That's when I understood that my parents had decided to put me in a HOSTEL. The pain I saw in my mother's eye while the train departed and the pain I saw in my father's eye when he left me behind the school gate still lingers in my mind.

    It took me a while to understand that the place where my parents stayed didn't have good schooling so they had to chose to put me in a hostel where I would get a better education.

    I saw the love behind that pain.

    PS: This was the thought process of an 8-year-old girl.
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    It is true. The pain will come out of love. They don't want their child to be alone somewhere. But there is no other go for them. So they have to see that their children will get go education. So the bear the pain, they spend the money and see that children will get well educated. So they sacrifice everything for the children. But when they become old there is no guarantee that their children will take care of them. Earlier days people used to think only will get married and move away. Sons will be with them. But these days no one will be with them. Children move to cities for their livelihood. Parents don't want to move out of that place. So they were forced to stay alone even at a very old age. This is common nowadays in many families. Just if you visit a village the old population will be more there. Many houses you will find one or two old persons staying. The way they wait for a phone call from their children is really heart touching. If by any chance there is a delay for 30 minutes, they will call back. This is really the position of parents these days. Because of the love, they have towards their wards they are bearing that pain. A good thread.
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    A heartwarming narration Neethu Madam. It's absolutely true every responsible parent give more than they can and will sacrifice many things to give their children education, resources, toys and a good life. Half their lives and marriage goes into the upbringing of their children. I would be lucky with I can give my children what my parents gave me. As we grow up and set outside for our exams, interviews etc, it will always be the mother with a few tears welling up and father very stoic ( he would also cry but in India, men can't cry). Even after my wedding, when I left abroad for higher education, my mother had with tears at the Airport ( her first visit).

    Now seeing my children grow up, I can understand their love and heavy heart with which they say goodbye knowing that the temporary separation and it's for children's own good. We may grow up, we may talk less, we may drift apart, we may live apart but we still are the little children to our parents.

    Ultimately one of the true achievements in life as parents is to be able to say that 'we gave our children all and more we could and let them be happy (even if some parents have to live alone). A very apt saying comes to my mind which goes along like this.

    When a sculptor was asked, 'Do you ever think of pain the statue will feel ?.
    His eyes were watering, his reply was full of happy emotions- " With a heavy heart I chisel pain-staking every day so that the stone turns into a beautiful statue that many will love, some will thank the hands that made it'.

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    Heart touching story Neethu... really very nice. It is very hard for parents to leave their child much farther from them, just for the sake of their life and their career. Just as happened in this story. Parents do sacrifices like this, in order to make their child a good person, an educated person. There is always greater love behind that hidden pain.
    When we grow up, we realize the reasons for their decisions, that is always for our betterment.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A beautiful autobiographical story. The writing style of the author has impressed me a lot. I expect that the author would describe her experience of returning home from the hostel during the first vacation.
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    #609525: I would really love to attempt that as well but I doubt if words would suffice to express my joy of returning home from hostel.

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    A splendid work by the author. I enjoyed reading it. This was good piece of writing to show how words can be beautifully used to describe the subtle emotions.
    The feelings of a girl at the time his father left her at residential school is really touching our hearts.
    The author can also develop this in a fulfledged story for publishing in leading story magazines and I hope it may be accepted in such a place.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The thought process of eight year old girl was well narrated and taken through the level of understanding the emotions and feelings in a most convincing way. Applause to her.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A content that will touch most readers as they might have direct experience or can relate to it from some other similar experience of parting.
    However I feel that generally there would be some prior discussion and indication of sending the child to the hostel. However for the sake of story and drama effect we can ignore that.

    The narration is straight and concise showing control. Overall it shows the creative and writing potential of the author. Good work. Best Wishes for more fine products.

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    Very well written Neethu. The narration is so nice that one could visualize the entire episode.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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