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    What developmental activities did happen from 2014?

    When we were discussing about petrol price hike in the other thread, many members supported the rise in taxes for the development of the nation. Next elections will be within one and half years from now. There was cabinet reshuffle recently keeping in mind the coming elections. That means, Government will be busy for next elections. I could not recollect what developmental activities took place after June, 2014. Learned members, please elaborate on the developmental activities and not the inaugural activities.
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    I was watching out for the response to this thread to see all the development activities from 2014.
    Still waiting!

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    The developmental activities are invisible. Those who have extrasensory powers can only visualise them. I am also waiting to see when they will be visible.
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    What I feel with demonetization, the Modi government has gone many step forward to support the banks financially strong, Even not so cared cooperative banks were also rich with cash deposits from those who got rid of old notes in exchange of new. Now the situation is that every bank can afford to give loans for any one, from students to the farmers. If the money is pumped again into the market, surely knitted development of other sectors are also possible which wont be visible to naked eyes. Next Financial year, all the banks would post good returns on their loans and their profit base would be increased. And by the way banks wont be henceforth issue loans of big order to big people for having tasted more defaulters from the so called creamy layer of society. So middle class and poor would be benefited from the banks.
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    I think it is very difficult to list all the developmental activities in this thread is very difficult. So I sincerely request the author and learned people to go through various newspapers in which they have given detailed notes of developmental activities started after 2014. I don't want to mention one or two here.
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    I am trying to mention some (not all) development activities of the present Government.
    Jan Dhan Yojna generated 6000 crores of deposits, bringing a lot of money back into the economy. This also liberates poor from the claws of private money lenders.
    Pension schemes for poor enrolls 12.5 lakh subscribers, accident insurance schemes for poor farmers enrolls 123 million subscribers, life insurance scheme enrolls 29.2 million.
    Make in India - In terms of tangible investments, India already attracted $31 billion FDI (higher than China and USA) in 2015.
    Make in India defense - India is one of the biggest importers of weapons, spending billions in the international market. But as part of Make in India, Defense Ministry approved $4 billion deals to purchase weapons produced in India.
    India climbed 12 spots in ease of doing business global rankings,
    India became the fastest growing economy in the world.
    Making PSUs profitable - Air India became profitable for the first time in ten years, and BSNL witnessed highest growth in last five years.
    Rural electrification - It is a huge success area for the present Government.
    Clean energy - India added 2308 MW of wind power generation in 2016.
    Nuclear deals - India signed strategic nuclear deals with Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia and France giving India access to nuclear fuel and technology.
    Indian Railways is undergoing many reforms too. Bullet train is also required to be mentioned.
    Brought transparency - Modi government made the auctions transparent.
    Delivered One Rank One Pension to armed forces.
    Initiated GST regime w.e.f 1st July, 2017.

    These are some of the development activities of the present Government which readily come to my mind.

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    Excellent replies so far. On a lighter note, it would be easy this way: ruling party manifesto (usually lists the achievements) MINUS opposition party manifesto ( usually lists what the government in power did not do) would give us an idea of what was done in the country during that time frame.

    The Indian system traditionally not in favor of the girl child and women's participation in various fields was curtailed. The schemes that impressed me were the ones for education and welfare of the girl child (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana, Sukanya Samriddhi Account) and empowerment of women in rural areas; this is a big step forward, a sign of true development of the country.

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    The NDA Government has to be credited with the Bullet Train. I am happy that the Government is following all the schemes introduced by UPA with one name or other. I am also happy that the Government is implementing the programmes of UPA which were vehemently opposed by the BJP when it was in opposition.
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    I will concentrate only on the economic development. I suppose that the demand of the thread is to restrict the discussion to that aspect only. All other things like pensions and other social programmes may be discussed in a separate thread.

    The development is directly related to the money earning activities of the country. The economic growth is indicated by the increase in GDP. According to reports the GDP in the last quarter was only 5.7% all time low in the last five years. According to economist, 1 per cent fall in annual GDP equals to loss of 1.5 lakh crore of national income and loss of millions of jobs. You can imagine the loss to economy. The loss was mostly due to slow down in unorganised sector and slowing down of manufacturing after demonetisation.

    Make in india is also a failure since gross value addition (GVA) is halved. The only promising area in this seems to be defence production. This govt. gave 56 licenses to private companies to produce defence products. This has its own gestation period. Most of the products are going to be used for military. This production is going to be a very small percentage of whole volume of production sector. PSU banks are running in losses.

    After the failure of demonetization, implementation of GST has added to decelerate the economy. This has been accepted by a senior BJP leader and former finance minister.

    It can be concluded that there has been no development since 2014. There are no signs of early recovery in near future. I think the govt. will continue squeezing the public by imposing various taxes. Petrol pricing, dynamic fare in trains, GST collection etc. are some of the examples.

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    In 2013, When GDP went to 5% (as per old calculation method, it is equivalent to 7% as per current calculation method) then PM and FM openly accepts the fact. But current PM and FM still says demonetization is success though it is utter failure and one of the main reason for economy slow down. Growth and Development of a country depends on new jobs creation. Current government is totally failed in this area. Job growth is in negative trend from 2014 to till date.

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