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    Has hatred increased in our politics ?

    Indian politcal rhetoric has increased in recent past. We have our political leanings on issues but the kind of hatred shown in debates across the spectra has increased in recent past. Be it social media, or TV shows, even in ISC I find some having deep hatred towards views of persons from other side. This may have been there in past but in recent times I notice this hatred very much intense. Does anyone agree with me. If so what could be the reason?
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    The hatred among the political parties has reached a peak. The media is increasingly becoming partisan and trying to influence the public opinion. In the ISC, there were political discussions in the past and they were polite. The phenomenon in ISC you mentioned above is of recent origin. The intense power struggle among the political parties is the main reason. The polarisation in the Indian politics is complete. There is much intolerance developed due to the polarisation. This causes intense debates whether it is social media or Even in the ISC.
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    The hatred among the political parties is in increasing mode. It may still go further. Each and every political party wanted to have power. The ultimate aim is to be in power. So they always try to show their anger on the other party and this anger is turning to hatred. This is not specific to any one party. All parties are sailing in the same boat. Then comes the individual politician. Each politician wants to be as big as possible to get more and more benefits. For this, he wanted to be in the good books of the party heads. To be in their good books he starts pointing out the other party and slowly that becomes hatred. The electronic media and papers are supporting one party and trying to bring in all the mistakes of the other party into the limelight. Because of this propaganda, people are developing hatred towards the political party which they don't like.
    This hatred is being shown in social media and also in sites like ISC. There is no pointwise good or bad discussion is not there. The discussion will be purely based on the individual's affiliation only.

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    The hatred in debates sometimes kill the very debate itself. It is sometimes becoming an antithesis to democracy. This hatred is sometimes being justified even is the reality.

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    Yes, there is a lot of increased hatred in politics. I do not have much knowledge in politics, but whenever I switch on the TV and see news channel, those leader from different political group are arguing with each other or debating, I always find them shouting at each other, if the thought does not match at all. I feel this could be one of the signs visible of this sort of an attitude.
    Do not understand what is the need of shouting or yelling if you do not agree with the other people's thought, or even if they are saying something wrong. Will yelling change the attitude of other person or can it bring them to peace? I never understand such senseless debates.

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    Surely hatred in politics has been on the rise and that can be seen with North South divide in some political leaders who want to be in demand in their own. Likewise whenever a political heat is generated through a thread or post, the members take sides and debate with great interest . Supporting a person or party and talking in favor cannot be considered as hatred as long as one follows the basic principles in life . Even at ISC discussions are allowed within the posting guidelines and not beyond that.
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    I think this feeling of hate, more than hate I feel it would be better to term it as intolerance, is the direct result of the entry of force as an element in the Indian political and social scenario today. The hidden agenda of considering all those who speak against the ideology of the ruling party at the center as being against national interests or even as anti-nationals or, as it is put subtly, liberals is directly or indirectly responsible for the situation.

    Humans in general like to enjoy freedom in matters concerning them as individuals or even as social beings (subject to the limitations as a member of the society). So, when they feel that the element of force or coercion is creeping into their personal lives, I think it is quite natural to feel insecure and that feeling of insecurity turns into a feeling of hate. The other side of the coin is that there is another group which hates all those who are against their way of thinking. The end result is that people have started becoming less tolerant towards each other and there is a passive attempt on every side to ensure that their thoughts and actions are not infringed.

    This is one of the reason, I feel, why discussions on political or social issues, in the media or even on social sites, are becoming too personal and then there is a passive disliking for each other. Let me be frank in saying that we did have many political parties earlier too but there was a mutual respect for each other at least among the leaders. But things are different now. The mutual respect is almost lost and we can see them competing like school going students; the attitude has crept into the lower level which was already in the hot zone. Let us hope that things will change for the better.

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    Yes, as Saji Ganesh told, you can't really call that hatred yet. A person's attitude is not to your liking, you can opt two actions: 1. step up and change him, 2. ignore and move on.
    And it's definitely not hatred in ISC, because we hardly know anyone in real life. A person can pose to be anything on internet. There are a lot of irrelevant, absurd and provoking responses appearing nowadays. People share words and scold each other in responses too. But that's still not hatred. It's more like "I can't stand this person".

    When was trash-talking not a part of politics? Politicians from the beginning of time have been trash-talking oppositions. Maybe your'e finding an increase in these debates because a lot of things happened this year. So the leading party is bound to criticism.

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    The leaders who gave the Constitution to us were people of integrity and full of patriotic spirit. If you read the proceedings of the debates of constitution committee , we find that there were lot of opinion differences but no body had that for person. All were one for the interest of the country. The debates were full of patriotic fervour. We could have the constitution only owing to that spirit. Can you imagine this in present days? We are witnessing shoe throwing, physical manhandling, abusing and gagging in almost all assemblies. We saw this in Loksabha. Now all this is happening in Rajyasabha a house of seniors.

    If we try to analyse this, we see especially after demise of the stalwarts like Nehru, Patel, Rajendra babu and others who belonged to freedom struggle, the quality of politics started deteriorating. Some unscrupulous politicians started thinking of taking advantage of power. These parochial politicians started taking advantage of parochial issues instead of national issues . We saw rise of caste based politics. This started dividing the spirit of integrity.

    Now some political parties are taking advantage of religion to polarise the voters for their advantage. It is observed all over the world that religious fanaticism breeds intolerance and hatred. We are experiencing this on rise. We have to be cautious of this to save our country

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