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    Bringing development in a remote village.

    About 75 years or more our ancestral property was partitioned and my father's share was about 8 km away from the ancestral house. This portion was in a remote area. Only by walking one could reach there. There was an old building constructed by earlier generation, meant for keeping the paddy collected from the fields there. These paddy fields belonged to us but was cultivated by different tenants. My father constructed another house close to this old building. We started staying there.
    Father found that the village was not having any facilities. To get a bus one had to walk more than three km. All were illiterates since a school was available about 15 km away. No post office, medical facilities or even shopping places. Post man came there only once in a week. And the news paper too were coming by post. Only one family was there getting news paper. Father wanted to bringing in changes.
    First he started a primary school with the help of locals. Next he started constructing road to connect with the available road three km away. He had to spend lot of money to make land available for constructing road. Next he started the work to bring a post office there. He had to provide a closed building for this. Next was getting telephone connection and electricity. The primary school was gradually elevated to Upper primary and later as High school. Actions were taken to ply buses through the roads. He initiated starting a public library by constructing a building and medical facility was made available with the support of Government.
    Thus a man showed how to bring in development in a remote place. Now the High school has been upgraded to a Higher Secondary. Now none of the people there are illiterate. The man who stood behind all the development is no more. He died in 1987.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my fathers saying that our ancestral village is called Thatham Pettai in Kumbakonam district of Tamil Nadu and later shifted to Hyderabad. But there was big river to cross only on a fallen tree as the bridge, no current, but the area was fully forest with hand full of people living there. I have not seen the area now but understand from others that Nuclear power plant is being constructed there. So we never envisaged such a big development near a village which never cared by the government. What I mean to say that if one has the vision to develop , he can do with two hands and thus a formidable change and development is possible. In your post I was thinking of the plight of the post man who used to come once in a week to deliver letter. Mind it , in those days there was no other communication but letter for good and bad news.
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    It is an example how sustained effort of a singular person can change the face of a village. It proves how a person, with his strong will-power, can bring infrastructural development to the people. An excellent thread! I really like this thread.
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    Really a very good information which has brought a lot of respect to the person who with his sustained efforts brought in a good change in the village. Hats off to the person for his struggle. In this regard, I want to give my experience with respect to my grand father's efforts in his village for the medical care of the people.
    My grandfather was staying in a village near Kakinada, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. He was working as The Head Master of a Primary School in that village. No doctor in that village. People have to go minimum 3 Kms to consult a doctor.
    My grandfather was an Ayurvedic qualified doctor. He started a small clinic there and started giving medicine free of cost to the needy. One day, a boy from a lower class family was seriously sick. It was night 11 PM. No chance to move out of the village. They approached my grandfather. He has gone in that midnight to their house and seen him and gave medicines. By morning that boy got relief and in two days he has become normal. From that day onwards all the people started coming to him. You believe me or not, he never demanded even a single rupee from them never. If they offer a little money he used to accept otherwise keep quiet. He served that village for more than 30 years, He is no more. He expired in the year 1999. But even today those village people remember him and praise him for his dedication to serving the people.

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