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    Failure is the stepping stone to success.

    We will be attempting many tasks in our journey. Sometimes we will be victorious. But sometimes we may fail. But we should not get disappointed with the failure. We should try and understand what are the reasons for failure. Where we have gone wrong. Once you understand this, you can rectify those mistakes and re-attempt. Success will be yours. So we should not worry about the failures. We should learn from our failures and march forward.
    Science inventions and discoveries may not be done in a single attempt. Thomas Alva Edison took more than thousand attempts to invent the bulb for the first time. Had he given up after initial attempts that invention might have been not done?Once a reporter asked him whether he has wasted his times in his efforts. The reply of Edison is "No I just found a thousand ways in which I could not make the filament bulb." A good reply. Patience and hope will give you success.
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    Well said sir, The recent example of PV Sindhu's loss followed by a Win is a good example. All of us want to be best, love to get the 1st rank, love to get a good job in the first interview itself, win in every sports tournament we participate in. But in reality, we know that it's not possible.
    I feel in any task we do, we need to give the best possible at that time ( given the circumstances) and leave the rest to the Almighty. The same hold good in our attempts to earn money have a comfortable living.
    We need to have the right blend of Hope, Courage, and Determination and equally important is to accept failure with grace and dignity and use it to learn from our mistakes. Failure is the golden opportunity to understand what went wrong and what can be done better ( like in a mock exam).

    It's even more important NOT to pay heed to what negative comments some of our colleagues and so-called friends. This can lower our morale especially when we are just trying to cope with a failure. Even the darkest night has to pass and give way to sunrise, similarly, failure has to give way to Success. As one learns to live life, failures make you much more stronger to deal with such events later on.

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    Surely this age old proverb suits to every one as failure will teach us the bitter lesson of our mistake and also gives the definite and right clue to take right action for the future and thus one gets perfect. In this regard we take the examples of various political party leaders who stand in the elections with a high hope of winning by spending crores of rupees. Suddenly a formidable candidate from opposite party gets votes and elected. Remember the frustration and loss of money and above all bickering from the party and others would haunt the candidate further. May be for two or three week the leader may be sulking , but again he shall analyse the reason for failure and why the opposite person won. When Chandrababu Naidu was out of power for 9 years, we was not having any clout in political arena nor cared. He planned himself and corrected the failures and today he is the architect of new modern AP.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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