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    What happened to Karun Nayar

    Karun Nayar, A Ranji player from Karnataka, got his Test cap against England in 2016. In his thrid Test, he scored 303 not out against England. He is the second Indian batsman to score a triple century after Virender Sehwag. He is also the only Test player who converted his maiden century to triple century in Test matches.

    Karun Nayar has so far played only six tests for India. Despite scoring a triple century, he doesn't get opportunity to regularly play for India. Is the excess talent in India's middle-order batting depriving many great players?

    Sometime excess talent is not good! In earlier days, we have seen Padmakar Shivalkar and Rajinder Goel, two top-class left-arm spinners of the world, could not play for India due to Bishan Singh Bedi. Same was true for VV Kumar, who could not play for Chandrasekhar. Narendra Hirwani could not play because of presence of Anil Kumble. Is the same thing happening for Karun Nayar?
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    Cricket game is highly patronized and followed by the politicians in power and those who have good equations with the ruling party at the center would have the blessings of BCCI selection committee to chose the players. In that melee good talent goes missing.
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    This is always happening in games. If a person is performing well in one position, giving chance to another person is very difficult.When the trio Sachin, Ganguly and Dravid were in the team, even though Dravid excelled in many occasions he will never get that much recognition. He was shadowed by the other two. Like this, some people were not getting sufficient chances to prove their potential.
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    Good point. During a season or a tour, many a time, the selection of an individual to the team, extras, being allowed to bat or bowl, being rested on the bench, being allowed to play once or more than once in a test series or one day series depends on many factors apart from the talent and skill of the player.

    Behind the scenes often quoted reason or excuse to be dropped ( not selected) is - we need to rest him for a crucial game, team strategy to try a different combination or giving a chance for others to get some exposure etc.
    The unsaid reasons that we all know would be the presence of senior players, sub-optimal players who have clout and can throw their weight around, proximity to the coach and captain, bad blood between a player and a senior member of the squad who can dictate terms and the backing of influential power brokers and politicians.

    Very rarely would there be a consistent excess of talent for a particular position that genuine talented players cannot get a chance to wear the Indian Cap. Interesting after reading your thread, I found that a few other talented players have been ignored or forgotten (Kedar Jadhav, Manoj Tiwary, Naman Ojha).

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    VV Nimbalkar...... A great batsman. He still holds an Indian batting record. He scored 447 (I am not sure about the exact score-I have started forgetting the statistics) in a first-class match. Even after 70 years or so, it is the Indian record of maximum individual score in a first-class match. He never got India cap.
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