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    Constantly feed your mind with hope, truth and love because your mind believes you.

    There are every chance of our mind getting derailed or going wrong direction or even instigating others to do wrong things. To avoid such situation , it is better to constantly feed our mind with hopes, which is very much important. Without hope we cannot go next step and when we fail to have hope we are dejected and resigned. We must always feed our brain with truth and love as nothing can beat the truth and it only wins at last and love is the lasting effect of a person and his personality. Because our mind is in our control and we have to feed it with good inputs.
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    Truth always prevails. So always feed the mind with truth only. Everyone should have hope. Without hope, we can't live. Hope is the instinct which makes us to think about tomorrow and day after. So planning is always done with hope only. So we should not lose hope. Love is required for human beings to have a social life. If you have hatred you can't live in the society. If we have hope, if we believe in truth and if we love fellow human beings our life will be full of happiness only. As long as we are happy our mind will have all positives and all positives bring us success. This is how we have to lead our life.
    always confident

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    That is right Mohan Sir... our brain listens to what we want it to listen, that is why it is always good to feed in good thoughts inside it. It is on us, how we decide to live a day. Every morning when we get up, it is us, our mind that decides if we want to feel good, have positiveness around us or if we want to feel tired, negative and worried. It is all our mindset that changes everything.
    We need to be hopeful and positive in every situation, howsoever tough it is.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A very true statement and a good thread sir. You've listed three of the magical qualities that one can use anytime to enrich his or her life. In today's rapidly changing world where friend turns foe, the stranger turns a killer, these make life worthy - Hope, Truth, and Love.

    One example where I find all three strikes my mind and it is a Hollywood movie. In the movie Cast Away(2000), Tom Hanks crashes on an island and is stranded for four years. Soon after the crash, he accepts the truth that his chances of rescue are almost nil because of the remote location. He paints a face on a volleyball, calls it Wilson, its beautiful to watch how Tom Hanks interacts with Wilson for four full years to keep his hopes alive to see his wife and daughter whom he loves so much.

    Another fine example of hope and a positive mind is another English movie 127 hours, a true story. Aron Ralston, USA met with an accident on a mountain cliff ( his hand was trapped beneath a huge boulder) for over five days. He cut his own right hand with a small dull knife when he had no means to get help. He cut his hand after 4 days, as he thought it was the only true option that would give him a real chance to live.

    I am sure there would be much more examples like this in real lives of people. When faced with tough times, when faced with adversity, inner strength comes from a strong and stable mind that's filled with good thoughts and positive energy and this helps us to carry on with life.

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