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    Every one's life is a different journey. Why should we envy?

    We meet scores of people daily and every one is having their own work and commitments and some are doing tremendous progress even with their own business too. But people who are sitting idle at home and who are unable to grab any chance for their progress in life should not undermine other's ability and knack to tackle situations in their life to their favor. Instead, each one must explore about themselves, identify the plus points, work on the improvisation and see that at least some progress is made than yesterday. That way one can keep themselves busy and fruitful without getting envied over other's progress and their happiness.
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    Everyone has their own ups and downs. Everyone will have their good moments to enjoy. Everyone will have bad moments also. Some people take life positively and try to work hard and achieve good results. Some people will try to catch up with the time and go up. Some people will not try and they may lag behind, The result will always be in proportion to your efforts. So envying others is of no use. You do your work and enjoy your life.
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    Yes, everyone's life is a different journey. When we see people of different walk of life, we can understand it. We see the values to live the life is also different. Some have beliefs in good work, otherwise, some have beliefs in evil work. Some have the belief to live the life by torturing others. Some have beliefs only in their fate, they sit idle .Some work hard, they believe that hard work will give the good result. The people who have beliefs only in fate, they criticise the people, who work hard.
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    Everyone is created with a purpose in life and we lead our lives. Some to the full extent, some still have untapped potential that they have yet to realize. Right from people who clean our streets, pick up garbage to the first citizen of the country, we all contribute in a way known to us to help someone and do our work quietly.

    Unfortunately, some people cannot see others being better off or be doing well. Instead of wishing them well, they scheme or plot with malice and envy to bring them down. This is unnecessary, we need to see such people and stimulate ourselves to do better but not trying to undo their achievements (unless it's by obviously unfair means). There is enough for all of us to share or have, it just needs some redistribution.

    Nothing is lost if we cannot wear a diamond ring or have a luxury Audi car or being unable to shake hands with big-time celebrities or politicians. We can focus on our talents, opportunities in hand and see how to move up in life to be happy, comfortable and enjoy the hard work we have put into reach our goals in life.

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    I read a caption in an auto which es impressed me very much,'I myself running behind my fate, why you are envying me?'. None of us have equal or any similarities in life, but we are envying on others.

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