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    Navratri festival is on from 21st Sept.

    Navratri festival is being celebrated in all parts of our country. Happy Navratri To All ????
    Navarathri Day 1
    Devi : Maaheswari
    Flower :Malligai
    Neivedhyam :Ven pongal
    Thithi : Pradhamai
    Kolam :Arisi maavaal (rice flour) pottu kolam poda vendum.(Draw rangoli by using rice flour.)
    Raagam : Thodi Raagam

    Slokam :
    *Om swethavarnaayai* *vidhmahe Soola hasthaayai dheemahi Thanno Maaheshwari Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 2
    Devi: Kowmaari
    Neivedhyam: Puliyodharai
    Thithi: Dwitheeyai
    Kolam:maavinal kolam . (Draw rangoli by using wet flour.)

    *Om Siki vaahanaaya vidhmahe Sakthi Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno kowmaari Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 3
    Devi: Vaaraahi
    Neivedhyam:Sakkarai pongal
    Kolam:malar kolam poda vendum . (Draw rangoli by using flowers-pookolam.)

    *Om Magishathvajaaya vidhmaheThanda Hasthaaya DheemahiThanno Vaaraahi Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 4
    Devi: Lakshmi
    Flower: JaathiMalli
    Neivedhyam:Kadhamba Saadham
    Kolam:Atchadhai kondu padikattu pola kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli in shape of steps by using atchatai (mix of rice,turmeric,ghee.))

    *Om Padma Vaasinyai cha VidhmahePadmalochanee sa DheemahiThanno Lakshmi prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 5
    Devi: Vaishnavi
    Flower: Paarijaatham & Mullai
    Neivedhyam: Curd Rice
    Thithi: panchami
    Kolam: kadalai maavaal paravai kolam poda vendum (Draw a bird like rangoli by using Bengal gram flour.)
    Raagam:panchamaavaranai keerthanai paada vendum.bandhuvaraali

    *Om Syaamavarnaayai VidhmaheChakra Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno Vaishnavi Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 6
    Devi : Indraani
    Neivedhyam:Coconut rice
    Kolam:kadalai maavinaal Devi naamathai kolamida vendum (Write the name of the goddess using Bengal gram flour.)

    *Om Kajathvajaayai vidhmahe Vajra Hasthaaya Dheemahi*Thanno Iyndree Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 7
    Devi: Saraswathi
    Flower:Malligai & mullai
    Neivedhyam:Lemon rice
    Kolam:Narumana malargalaal kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli by using fragrant flowers-pookolam.)

    *Om Vaakdevyai vidhmahe*
    *Vrinji pathnyai sa Dheemahi Thanno Vaani Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 8
    Devi: Durga
    Neivedhyam: Paayasaannam
    Kolam:padma kolam (Draw traditional lotus shaped rangoli)

    *Om Magisha mardhinyai vidhmaheDurga devyai Dheemahi Thanno Devi Prachodayaath*

    Navarathri Day 9
    Devi: Saamundaa
    Kolam:Vaasanai podigalal aayudham pola kola mida vendum (Draw weapon shaped rangoli by using fragrant powder.)
    Raagam:vasantha raagam

    *Om Krishna varnaayai vidhmahe Soola Hasthaayai Dheemahi Thanno Saamundaa Prachodayaath*

    *Vijaya dasami*

    Devi: Vijaya
    Flower: Malligai,Roja
    Neivedhyam: sakkarai pongal,sweets
    Thithi: dasam

    *Om Vijayaa devyai* *vidhmahe* Mahaa *Nithyaayai*Dheemahi*
    *Thanno DEVI Prachodayath*

    *Happy Navarathri and Vijaya Dasami Greetings to all
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    Happy Navarathri to all the members of ISC.
    The author has given very good information and I thank him for the same.
    In our house also we perform Navarathri puja on these nine days.This will start from Asveejamasa suddha padyami.And ends on Asveejamasa Suddha Navami. The tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadasami. All these nine days in the morning we worship Devi Durga with different names. Actually, it is told that the first three days are for Parvati, the middle three days are for Lakshmi and the last three days are for Saraswati. We perform puja all the nine days. But many of the school and college going children perform puja on the last three days and they are known as moola puja or Saraswathi puja. These nine days special poojas are being conducted at Kanakadurga temple, Vijayawada.
    Happy Navaratri all once again.

    always confident

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    It is interesting to read the post on Navarathri by Mr. Pattabi Raman and is also informative. In Kerala also 9 days are celebrated as Navarathri. It is generally known as Saraswathi Pooja. In many temples or in common places such as town halls, etc. Music concerts are organized during these evenings.
    On the last two days ashtami and Navami no reading or writing is done. It will start afresh on vijayadasami day as vidyaarambham.

    Gold Member ISC

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    A very nice thread, depicting the name of all the nine Gods and views of "Maa Durga". This is a needed and important information that will help people more to know about our culture. I thank the author Ramachandran Sir for that. But I just checked and found that it is written in some other language I cannot understand , I could just understand the name of all nine Gods. I will find out more on Google.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Also wishing Happy Navratri to all the members of ISC.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    An excellent and well-researched thread from Mr. Pattabiraman. On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, I pray to Mother Durga to shower her love and affection to all people. I also pray to the Goddess to give us enough power and courage to destroy the demonic forces causing harm to humanity.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Very good information, As we know by worshipping maa nine days, we establish the facts. Truth always wins in all ages. People, who have Godly quality get satisfaction in life. They spend their lives in peace and harmony. People, who have demon's quality suffers a lot. This is the time when we accumulate energy. The nine days worship makes us pure and, it helps us in distinguish between right and wrong. It opens our eyes and we act according to the will of Maa. Maa saves us from all evils. By getting the blessings of Maa we do good works.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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