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    Don’t let the regrets of life consume you

    Life is a series of events. Sometimes things happen as per design, and at others some unknown forces take over, jolting us with the unexpected. That is when 'regrets' make a foothold in our lives. We begin dissecting the sequence of events and cursing ourselves for not taking pre-emptive action when the time was right.

    Our minds become flooded with thoughts that begin with "what if…", "I should have/have not…", "You/they should have/have not…" It a kneejerk reaction, to what happened, because we want to blame the failure on something.

    So far so good, but our regrets must end on a constructive note. Bemoaning our fate and not learning anything from the mistakes that were made, is blocking the path to our success. We should not be consumed by our regrets, instead, should learn from them and move on. Holding on to something that was not meant to be, will only hinder our progress. Put an expiry date on 'regrets' and don't harbour them, as they will only fester into something ugly.

    Switch gears from 'what could have been' to what can be achieved. There is a whole lifetime ahead of you. Don't waste it away in regret.

    Do you agree?
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    I entirely agree. We must not weighed down by our own unfulfilled expectation. We must move forward. Something unexpectedly pleasant will definitely happen. Some different opportunities will come. We must avail ourselves of these opportunities.
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    Yes. I too agree. Past is past. We can't get it back. But just analysing the events and understanding the situation where we are gone wrong is OK. This is required also so that we will not repeat those mistakes again. But unnecessarily harping on the past and thinking too much about that is nothing but a waste of time. Understand where we have gone wrong and leave the past there. You will not repeat it. Instead of that worrying about the same issue, again and again, will make us stand still. We can;t take up the new tasks and we can't compete with others.
    We will have different chances and we have to be sharp enough to catch the right chance in right time. We should use this opportunity correctly and to our advantage.

    always confident

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    Nice thread on life success and failures that many of us go through. There would be many half chances and half risks that would have made a difference in our lives but we have to move on. I think the key here is not to be depressed or always be disillusioned but to an honest assessment of how and why things went wrong. Are there any take-home points that we can pick up and use them for our future.

    Two relevant quotes that come to my mind are 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it' by George Santayana. Another is an old Russian proverb "Dwell on the past and you'll lose an eye. Forget the past and you'll lose both eyes". If one accepts failures and brushes it off quickly as if it didn't happen, we may face the same again and still lose again as we didn't find out why we lost in the first place. It's important to learn from life's lesson so that we are more mature, more balanced and more at peace with ourselves and the people around us.

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    Completely agree with you Juana Mam, this describes the real truth of life. Whenever we find something that is not easy or not in our hands, we try to give some excuses to ourselves to make ourself more comfortable in that particular situation and later on when we realize the worth of that opportunity, we regret it the most for not working for it. Rather we should take learning from it and work on the remaining chances that we have in life.
    Regretting chances will always bother, so we should not think about it later on. So, always keep moving forward in life.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    No issues on that.I fully concur with the thread message.

    However it may be difficult to have the attitude initially. It may need guidance and training and conscious efforts. We have the proverb in our local languages equivalent to "Do not cry over spoilt milk". There is no meaning in regretting on something that has happened and now irreversible. It is better to learn from that march ahead.

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    We absorb ourselves with what could have been, instead of channelising our energies in the right direction. Staying positive can change the course of your life.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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