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    Would your life read like a piece of fiction?

    Sometimes I wonder if I were to write my autobiography, how many would believe the incidents that I choose to put down.

    Have you ever looked at your life and thought that it looks like a piece of fiction. That, all the ups and downs that you faced in life, would seem unreal if you were to narrate them to someone.

    Sometimes while reading a book or while watching a movie or a fictional series on television I often think that whatever is being depicted as fiction, would have been a reality for someone. Most writers admit that their work is influenced by someone or a real-life incident.

    Has it ever occurred to you that somebody looking at your life from the outside might view it as unreal? I am not talking about times when you pretend to be someone, but about the things that are true, about you.

    Does your life sometimes appear to be a fictional piece?
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    No sofar my life is a book of simple and straight writing. No complicated language or indirect sentences. Everything is quite open. So I think I have not experienced any difficult situation so far which I can't solve. Yes, There are some difficult moments but because of the God's gift, I am able to come out of those situations and continued my journey as normal. So they are no pieces of fiction. I hope the remaining part of my life will also go like this without any difficult situations. Thank you God for your kindness towards me.
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    People find my narratives unreal. Because they're all so weird and rare incidents.
    So when I narrate it to people, most just brush it off as a fabrication.
    But again, no one wants to read a boring autobiography. So adding elements or exaggeration is good.

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    'Truth is stranger than fiction', this sometimes is true with many people's lives. Warren Buffet started delivering newspapers while being at school and now is the among the 'top five richest men on the planet'. I am sure his life and experiences would sound unreal to us. India's famous son Dr. APJ Kalam, although born in rich family sold newspapers to help his family during difficult times and ended up being the 'Missile man of India and its President'. If one were to read the biography of Dr.Kalam, they would wonder how did he really manage to achieve this.

    We can all learn for from the experiences of fellow human beings who have a story that read like just out of a dream, a fiction novel or a Bollywood rags to riches flick.

    There isn't anything too unique from my side to be called unreal except one little snippet a few years ago. With God's grace and good luck, I got a scholarship and two months later landed a job in the Healthcare sector overseas where many spend a year or two landing their first job.

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    I feel almost all of us who are living every single moment , is typing and forming a book's words that can be converted to a fiction. It is just that we do not realize it. The uniqueness that we all hold in ourselves and our lives, from a small single moment to the bigger incidents has something to teach everyone for. Because whatever autobiographies we see or we read, I am not talking about the life of really great people who has have a big name in the country or world, but if we talk about the good fictions or some good stories, those include the real life instances only just like it happens with us, it is just written and formatted into a neat, clean and sophisticated form of words, to impress the readers. It all depends upon how we narrate the story.
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    Those who are a performer and risk taker in life, surely his journey would be with ups and downs and including some unbelievable happenings now and then, which others may not trust and think that it was a bluff from the person. In fact every one life is a open book, as some have the habit of keeping record of happenings, some have the habit of underlining the main impacts and some have the habit of keeping the happenings and memories to future reference. We only come to know when others could have watched our moves so closely and we get stunned by our own way of taking actions in critical time.
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    Yes. I do think my life would, sometimes, read like a fiction. I think it is the areas in which people around you disagree with your thoughts or approach to issues that make you feel whether you are not being normal, I mean not like others. When the majority opinion rates higher than your's you start feeling that you are something different; you feel that you would not have done/ spoken so had you been like others. Each situation in life where you are not able to convince others, at least partially if not fully, is like a fiction only. For you the experiences might be real based on individual circumstances and perceptions but for others they may appear unreal and so, like a fiction.

    (Have I confused? I am not sure).

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Saji Sir... I got confused a little, did you talk about some real life instances that can be taken differently by the people if they notice our actions ? Or you said, fiction depends upon what we do, but we do not notice it and but when we later on realize it , we feel very different and sometimes shocking that we even carry such a type of behavior.
    Your comment gave a different sort of direction to fiction may be I don't know. Can you explain more.

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    My life is not a piece of fiction, but it consists of many interesting short stories. These stories are most of the time incomplete, satisfying the condition of a short story. Sometime I share some of these stories in various platforms.
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    Some people have simple and straight life and nothing specific to mention about it. At the same time there are people who have a life full of twists and turns. If we put their life in black and white it becomes stranger than fiction.

    When I look back I also see a long dream like sequence of my life from a small village to so many small and big cities and even remote places in India and finally settled in a suburb. Looking back is a long story full of struggles and at the same time lot of achievements and even laurels in my organization. Still there are new things coming in and ISC is the latest in the kitty that I have joined in Dec16.

    The story will unfold itself further and that part is of course unknown.

    Thanks to the author for bringing in such a nice thread giving me an opportunity to again see my past life as a long story.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not think my life may appear as fiction or thriller. I had most of the elements a person from a middle class family of those days had to go through.

    Now, after completing about six decades, on looking back many times I feel wonder and awed how I could have done all this! I had faced many a critical and confusing situations which seemed to me then as endless struggles and challenge extracting my energy and time, tiring me and filling my mind with tension and anxiety. There were some unique events and situations, where there no precedents to fall back for solutions nor expect help from someone.

    However on all those times, after probably testing me to the maximum level of my tolerance and withstanding ability, God manifested in some way-in the form of a relative, friend, well wisher or even a stranger- and conducted me smoothly by solving all those issues in one way or other,without causing damage.

    All through my life till date, I did not have any greed or unrealistic ambitions. Hence by the grace of God I have a contented life with whatever I have. My prayers for now are that let God keep me in this state of normal health, happiness and contentment and enable me to be of some help to others also.

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    Pooja at #609673, fiction is said to be something that is imaginary or something that is invented or untrue. There may be incidents in one's life which may appear to be fabricated or untrue to another who has not faced a similar situation. Similarly, there does occur some incidents in your life which, when you look back, may leave you baffled or surprised at the way you have handled it. Suppose you are a non-swimmer and people who know you, are aware of that fact. Take it that you happened to be on the beach and saw a child being taken away by the waves. At the instinct of the moment you jump into the waters and manage to save him. Now, if you narrate this incident to a friend, he may not believe you and may think that you have invented a story. Similarly, you may also, at a later stage, think as to how you could do that. So, I feel that there is an element of fiction in all our lives at one point or another; it may be the view of an outsider or may be due to a change in the situation or our own perceptions.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Thanks Saji Sir for explaining your point. Agree with your thought.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    My autobiography would read like fiction. And it's not so much about my struggles; I feel I am blessed for there weren't many. It's more about the events that dot my life. If I were to narrate a few incidents from my life, they would probably sound like I just made them up.
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