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    Learn, Partha, learn from the perpetual youth leader

    The perpetual youth leader has been on tour to the USA ostensibly to talk/discuss about artificial intelligence. In an interaction (not very spontaneous) with the students of Berkeley University, he dropped a bomb-shell. He stated that dynasty is an accepted phenomenon in India in every field. His sidekicks somehow managed the situation for him.

    But the spirit of this perpetual youth leader is indomitable. Day before yesterday he did it again! He proudly announced at New York that Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, Azad and Gandhi were all NRIs. The lesser mortals are truly dumbstruck by this great and unheard-of information.

    Partha, you are always interested to know about the unread pages of History. Now read this page which the leader has opened in front of you. Remember that Gandhi, Nehru, Patel,Azad and Ambedkar were all NRIs. And Netaji (of course I am talking about Subhas Chandra Bose) was not an NRI.

    Truely learning has no age and no limit!
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    Partha, can you define NRI. I think you may have to consult the perpetual youth leader. Because it is mentioned only as NRI. But he has not mentioned the full form. He has said that Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Ambedkar are all NRIs. But he has not mentioned what is NRI. Probably his understanding about NRI may be different. Till we know that we all will be in confusion. You are publishing unread pages of history. But the youth leader has opened an unread page to you. You understood the same correctly and concluded that Netaji is not an NRI. But we may have to understand NRI correctly. Why can't you try to get the expansion of NRI abbreviation correctly from the same leader?
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    Very good suggestion, Dr. Rao. But this leader is not very accessible to the mango-men like me. He likes to discuss important issues like artificial intelligence with experts in the USA or biotechnology with experts in Norway.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes I also read the so called interview of Rahul Gandhi talking stupid of our great leaders and probably he has gone imbalance as his party is going through the phase of bad to worse. Congress party leaders cannot live without power and Rahul Gandhi has been trying to make one win but he loses against formidable BJP and PM Modi. With his out of mill interviews, he not only brings bad repute to himself , Congress party but also to the entire Nation as irrespective of our party affiliations, we still have high regard of those erstwhile leaders whom RahuL Gandhi cannot even measure up to their height.
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    Here again my suggestion is,better ignore such things. Some people get carried away when they get some audience. In their eagerness to please them and get some applause and media attention they get carried away and forget boundaries. They will step into areas where they d not have even a remote idea about. It is very difficult to correct them. Mostly they turn out to be incorrigible.

    The best option is simply to ignore it and go about our routine.

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    Normally, politicians pass such type of comments just to stay in news. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi seems to be ignorant of India and its history. He is struggling for the come back of congress. After independence, with passage of time the quality of political leaders has been degrading. Some times such type of comments are made to get political advantage. Such type of flimsy comment shows his depth of understanding. But, people forget this all and vote such politicians.

    I remember Mr. Modi made so many comments of ignorance and low standard like Nehru did not attend the cremation of Vallabhbhai Patel. Later he himself accepted the mistake. I remember his irresponsible comment that state govt. should be made stake-holders in foreign policy. That time he was the CM of Gujrat and campaigning for last general election as PM candidate of BJP . But, people forgot these things and voted on bombastic promises.

    I would like to equate the venture of Gandhi on Artificial intelligent to Modi's claim of Ganesh's cosmetic surgery in ancient India and example of genetic engineering in case of Karna during inauguration of a Hospital.

    Such gaffes would continue, we are at the receiving end. Let us be more knowledgeable.

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