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    Request for quick review of my articles by concerned editors

    I humbly request concerned editors to review my four articles and their review already got so much delayed. One my article I submitted on 11 th of this month and after one week they kept in pending state for few modifications. I made the required changes and submitted immediately. Till now that article is not reviewed again. Previously within few hours after modification it got approved. But till now it is not reviewed. The other three articles were also submitted more than two weeks 11 th of this month and they were not reviewed yet. If these approval drags to next month I will loose my place in RSB. Jobs approval also becoming so late in ISC when compared in the past as they were used to get approved within half an hour of submission. Jobs approval is taking more than one day? I know the working mode of ISC but this much delay will discourage the contributors.
    Links to my articles:-
    1. How nerve impulses will be conducted from one neuron to other and how nerves are formed? (Part-2)
    2. ICSE Board's 2017 Biology (Science-3) Question Paper Key and Solutions
    3. Scientific explanation for Biological phenomena-Part-2
    4. Revision Model Grammar questions for ICSE Board's Examinations
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    This is the second thread in recent times regarding submissions and the TOT - turnover time for it to be approved so that the members get their due credits. There may be many reasons for these delays in general; unless there's a substandard submission or a duplicate thread, I feel the process should be expedited so that the regular contributors do not feel uncomfortable or dejected.

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    Ramakrishna, your request has been put up to the concerned section for the needful. It is not as an excuse for the delay, but I would like to inform you that in addition to the number of articles that have come in, including the entries for the article contests, a few of our editors are on leave due to different reasons and hence this delay. With the Navaratri season coming in, the possibility of the lag continuing for another few days cannot be ruled out. The available editors are doing their best to clear the backlogs at the earliest but hope you will understand the difficulty and co-operate with us. Anyways, I assure you that best efforts will be put in to do the needful on time.

    I would also like to add that articles are reviewed as they appear in queue and except in exceptional circumstances, we do not do out of the queue reviews.

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    I would like to address the RSB issue raised by the author, who states, "If these approval drags to next month I will loose my place in RSB".

    The RSB calculated for a month is not paid in the same month. The RSB is paid at the end of the next month.

    When the RSB is announced at the end of this month, it will be for the contributions that you made in the month of August. This month's contributions will not be counted for the calculation. The RSB for the current month will be announced in October, for all the points earned through your contributions made during this month. So, technically, you do not stand to lose, as by the time the RSB is announced all your contributions from this month would have been approved.

    Your worries are unfounded. And this month there will be a reason to cheer, for the RSB will include contributions made on the first of the month.

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    Ramakrishna Sir,

    All the above mentioned articles are reviewed now.

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    All my articles were reviewed and were approved and so I feel very happy about it. My sincere thanks to ISC editorial team for quickly responding to my request.

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