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    Is it time for people democracy?

    Indian democracy is by no doubt one of the most vibrant and the most popular. But for long time grass root democracy has been neglected. The Panchayat Raj Institutions are are designed in such a way that they are even prone to political nepotism. It is a reality that Gerrymandering is taking place in many rural Areas. Further they are given very few sources of taxation and are under the patronage of State and Central Government. It is time they are given some concrete powers. At least to the bare if any development project involving compulsory displacement of people comes they must be given power to veto decisions of Government. PESA 1996, Forest right acts 2006 Provisions must strengthened to bring in people democracy. When issues like displacement of people for several development projects are coming into discussion these people must be given their due in the power.
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    Only when our villages develop and set their own agenda of development, there is no question of total inclusive development of our entire Country. This is what every great leader at the helm of affairs has been saying and garnering votes. Though Panchayath Raj set up has been designed to given more teeth to the village body, often, the area MLA or the MP would hijack the funds and divert to his constituency and thereby the very purpose of creating such out fit has lost. Villagers should not allow politicians out side the village to have any say and they should chalk out development program of their own.
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    I think yes, because this has been the motto of our leaders even Mahatma Gandhi from past. I feel decentralization of powers has always been the major concern for everyone but it could not be achieved.
    The older Panchayati Raj system in villages was formed with a view to achieve People's democracy but it failed.
    Because many british people stopped this process. Since we the people form the democracy, the rights and powers should be a part of ours too, to decide a lot many things.

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    The innocence of village people is exploited a lot in our country. Whatever systems you bring in and rules and regulations you make, the systems in the village will not change. The government has given so many reservations for castes and other categories, but the main role in the village will be played bt the big man of the village. That is why I feel the democracy in village level is to be improved a lot. Villages are the backbone of our country. Farmers are the food givers to the country. For their welfare and for the upliftment of village a better governance at village level is very important. When there is a system in place at village level we can agree that there is democracy at all levels in our country.
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    According to Gandhiji, the basic unit of Indian economy is village. He used to say that the development and empowerment of these units will bring all round development of India. After independence Nehru gave more emphasis to big PSUs and huge irrigation projects to boost the agriculture. This paid the country its dividend. But it had its own issues The increasing corruption and vested interests of politicians ruined the whole advantage of it. These project gave a shining to economy but it widen the gap between the rich and poor. The advantages restricted to a class of society.

    The Panchayati Raj is to percolate the advantages of the economy to villages. We have seen how the people affected by Sardar Sarovar Dam are being denied of good rehabilitation. The same thing is happening with other big units. The units are setup by displacing many people residing in the region without proper reimbursement and rehabilitation.

    There is a need of giving rights to Panchayats to veto or at least a right to stall the projects till proper compensation and rehabilitation is provided in such cases. Then only we can say that we are a true democratic country.

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