Are NAM and SAARC still relevant ?

I am sure the above topic is out of sync in present realities. I even do not negate the view that SAARC is seeing its demise due to Indo- Pak rivalry and NAM is slowly edging out of policy debates. But we must not forget that these two are the only Institutions where India can play a leadership role will almost all other blocks having the presence of any one UNSC permanent member nations. Pakistan was more happy than India when SAARC Islamabad meeting was cancelled in the light of Uri attacks. In fact a theory among analysts is that Pakistan based terror outfits exactly timed Uri attack so India will lodge protest to SAARC Islamabad meeting. This came a blessing in disguise for Pakistan which was eagerly waiting for SAARC demise where India had enormous influence. India was building enormous capital by launching SAARC Satellite. But everything fell as house of cards.
Must India take steps to revise SAARC strategy and NAM which could even get India a permanent seat in UNSC. In fact through out cold war India was given permanent member stature due to its NAM influence.In many cases India with much to the annoy of Super powers vetoed effectively some UNSC decisions itself by using 2/3 majority in UNGA with NAM having 2/3 membership in UNGA which can veto UNSC decisions.
The famous examples are British Invasion of Egypt, Cuban Missile crisis where NAM stood the test of time.
So, friends what do you feel on NAM, SAARC and how India must approach these organisations in future.?