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    Why does Indian film industry portray emotional ideas only?

    We have a big Bollywood film industry, where we come across many type of movies and the entertainment is based on drama, romance, tragedy, horror and much more. What ultimate moral of the story does every film depict? Is it always a love story or does the comedy or drama has its greater impact too?

    Our movies showcase various type of characters. Sometimes they get characters from real lives, sometimes from the stories in some books or sometimes the thought is constructed by the director or writers if they get any in their mind. As per my views from childhood itself, it seems Indian cinema is based on emotions of people.

    Whatever may be the scenario, starting from 'Kuch kuch hota hai' to 'Hum dil de chuke Sanam' in the late 90's and then even 'Devdas', and 'Kal ho na ho', all of them have a central character who loves a woman in his life, wants to marry her and faces lot many problems to do so. In some cases love starts from friendship then it ends, but after the boy's wife dies, he again marries the same old friend. In the other movie, the boy loved the girl but could not get her for life and so she gets married to somebody else due to family pressure. So this was again based on family stuff and emotional grounds. Another movie depicting the life of Devdas shows how much he loved 'Paro', but he too could not get her and she got married to somebody else and how he had a painful death in the remembrance of his beloved 'Paro'. In the last example movie, the boy loves the girl but he cannot marry her because he had very less time left with him and he would die soon.

    There is one common thing in all of them, first is: the boy will not get the girl at any cost, does not matter how much he loves her. Also, they all depict that we Indians are so emotional and so sentimental in our thoughts. In any movie, the central thoughts lie on the love life of the main characters.

    Why don't the Bollywood industries try some sort of brain storming type of movies like 'Inception' from Hollywood? Should they not make movies which showcase some sort of intelligent stuff; somewhat different from the general emotional idea? What are your views on it?
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    Over the years the Indian film Industry in general and the South film fraternity in particular has developed much forward with more thrust on technical excellence, making of song sequences and giving more credence to music and locations and adding more graphics to it. The producers and directors gone one step further that in the matter of two to three hours, they want to visually treat the audience with various stuff and thus directors like Rajamouli, Shankar and Murgadoss have understood the expectations of the audiences and given some excellent movies with technical excellence with such much success rate, even our bollywood directors and producers were stunned. So much our South directors are important and famous that even AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has requested Bahubali Director Rajamouli to design the building looks of new Secretariat at Amaravati . So there is definite surge of technical excellence in South Cinema.
    K Mohan
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    It is really impressive to know that our South Indian film industry has sounding technicality and I have also seen the art and direction of 'Bahubali', that has been captured beautifully. But my view was based on the technicality of thought process being shown in the movies. Has that ever occured, or the directors should be focussing on that too. I have seen a South Indian movie 'Robot', with Rajanikanta playing the lead role and Aishwarya Rai with his leading co-actress.
    That type of a technical observation. Shouldn't they bring in such more concepts?

    Do what inspires you !!

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    South Cinema was always open to new ideas and they capitulated on it. A film by Shankar on a House fly has made tremendous impact at the box office and the way the fly has been shown was bind blowing.And when you take the old Tamil films even from the animals the work were taken with great elan. Elephants, dogs, tiger, snake, goat , horse and other animals made their presence felt. In one of the Telugu movie Nomu, the entire film is based on the revenge of a cobra snake and thus the hero and heroine were side lined with limited roles and the snake action was the highlight of the movie.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Everybody thinks cinemas are just for time pass and entertainment. It is true to a lot extent. But cinema heroes and heroines are playing an important role in the society. Many young people follow them as their role models. Politicians and business people are encashing this hero worship of people for their favour.
    As opined by the author many movies are routine love, comedy or revenge based stories only. There are some good movies also which are giving the audience a chance to think about the social evils and how to overcome that.
    Technical values of the cinemas are getting improved. very good technicians and directors are coming. We are observing many improvements in the making of movies.
    It is better if we can get some good cinemas which are very useful for the society.

    always confident

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    That is good to know Mohan Sir.... about the South Indian movies, as I do not watch more, I will watch them, to gather some of the technicality if they carry at all.
    But I find some change here in my heading of this post, has it been edited ? I put it something else earlier. Has it been somehow updated by the editors?

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    Being in South, my exposure to Bollywood movies is not wide, I agree with the replies posted, in South there are excellent movies that are of the quality you would expect from a Hollywood movies ( Tamil- Vivegam(2017), Yennai Arindhaal(2015), Theri(2016)), Telgu ( Bahubali) and Malayama (Pulimurugan). The new genre of directors, stunt masters and writers are brilliant who have managed to introduce Change in the Southern Films. It's not easy to change an established winning formula without upsetting the audience or antagonizing the huge fan base these actors and directors have.

    I think we have certainly moved on from love being the central theme of many movies. If we look at this from the film industry we point, crores of rupees are pumped into such movies and everyone involved has to keep up with the key points 1. making it a success, 2. introducing change with a flair, 3. portraying established heroes and heroines as their fans want, 4. careful not to hurt cross-border sentiments (Tamil-Kannada-Telugu) and 5. always trying to live up to the expectations of the audience.

    When we look at all this and more, it's easy to understand that a great deviation from the major themes would risk a huge loss and the film being a flop. The recent movie Tubelight(Salman Khan), wherein the hero has done a good job, yet had he had to return some of his earnings to cover the losses suffered.

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