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    Why Sardar Patel banned RSS as a Home minister?

    While I am browsing net I found an interesting news Sardar Patel as a Deputy PM and Home minister
    banned RSS for their link in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Before actual assassination too, two times there was an attempt on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Then Patel want to resign his post but Nehru persuaded him not to resign. Later the ban on them was revoked with an order that RSS do not take part in politics. No doubt great patriots like Nehru and Sardar Patel will be liked by every Indian at any time. But BJP Party are not much interested even to give some space for a great leader like Nehru as was not included in the list of architects of modern India during his speech by our new President. I am notable to understand why Modi is giving so much importance to Sardar Patel who banned RSS and which is actually the guiding force for BJP. Actually RSS and BJP has to be more uneasy to Patel than Nehru. I request the knowledgeable members of this site to enlighten the intricacy hidden in this issue.
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    Since Sardar Vallabhai Patel hailed and belonged to Gujarat, probably our PM Modi who also belongs to the same state has the soft corner or liking than other National stalwarts of those era.
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    A person can't be judged by a single act. He was in the ministry of Nehru. On all important issues generally decisions will be taken collectively than by an individual. The decision is to be implemented by the concerned. Banning RSS is a collective decision of the ministry. When people are in high positions, their acts should be unbiased. If their people are doing mistakes, a dedicated man will never support them. Probably that is what this indicates. However the ideology of Patel is entirely different from that of Nehru. Many issues Nehru or Gandhi are never liked Patel. But they are together worked in the ministry. Nehru's policies were liked by congress. But there is no rule that all political leaders should follow. BJP from the beginning is having much affiliation to Patel's ideology. I don't see any unnatural issue in this. Atal is a great leader and done well.But during congress era no President brought his name or appreciation to him. The same is the policy here also, I think.
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    To understand this intricacy, we have to browse the news papers and archieves of articles and comments of contemporary writers. Assasination of Mahatma Gandhi raise so many questions. It is ironical that a hindu fanatist killed the best hindu who recited Hey Ram! at his last moment. The RSS is an organisation , aiming at establishing so called Hindu Rashtra. They never respected the constitution of India. They never respected the tricolour of Indian nation. All these things are known in public domain. No member of RSS had any role in the strugle of independence. Assasination of Mahatma Gandhi also left a question mark on the efficiency and accumen of Vallabhbhai Patel, since he was the home minister at that time.

    Nehru knowing full well that Vallabhbhai's failure in averting the assasination, asked Vallabhbhai to continue. Based on the information that he killer was a member of RSS in past and other reports of jubilation on the assasination of Mahatma, Vallabhbhai banned RSS. Later on the ban was lifted when RSS agreed to stay out of politics. Vallabhbhai was a true patriot with religious inclination. Other leaders like Rajendraprasad and Madan Mohan were also of this camp. Their views were not in line with Nehru's view. Nehru's views were of a rational secular benevolent to all religions.

    If you see the reports during the passage of Hindu Code Bill, you will find that Vallabhbhai and Rajendra Prasad has opposed this proposal of laws only for Hindus. The other right wing organisations including RSS also opposed this. The popularity and stalwardship of Nehru resulted in Hindu Law. Vallabhbhai also opposed article 370 on Kashmir as RSS also opposed. These things bring Vallabhbai's view in line with RSS.

    The BJP is a political wing of RSS. BJP wants to get power by whatever means. RSS, being a religious organisation, does no believe in democracy and secularism. They are trying to make all propaganda so that Nehru and Gandhi should be shown as villains responsible for partition of the country. They are also propagating a religious nationalism as true nationalism.

    Vallabhbhai beloned to patel community. At present, the patel community is against BJP on the issue of resenvation. The assembly elections are round the corner. The party is using Vallabhbhai for wooing patel votes .

    Anyway, all these efforts will not affect the views of common man for Gandhi, Nehru and Vallabhbhai.

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    1. Let me give the simplest answer. Sardar Patel, as the Home Minister of India, banned Rashtriya Swayamsevak Snagha (RSS), because it was suspected that the organisation had some association with the murder of Mohandas Gandhi.

    2. The suspension was revoked later because even after extensive investigation, no link could be established. The ban was lifted unconditionally on 11th July, 1949.

    3. On 26th January, 1963, RSS participated in the Republic Day Parade after being invited by the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Apparently, the leader changed his stance about RSS after being 'back-stabbed' by the Chinese in Sept.-Oct. 1962.

    4. Those who are interested in 'boring History' and also those who want to 'worship' India's first Prime Minister closing their eyes with folded hands, may go through the interesting article (written by S. Gurumurthy) the link of which is given below, to have some idea about the turbulent time:-

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    The same Hindu Paper gave an article 'The Forgotten promise of 1949". In this 1949-RSS undertaking to Patel-Article 4 (b) of RSS constitution-Sangh had no politics and would remain devoted to cultural work of the RSS constitution. The written constitution of RSS was the pre-condition of lifting ban imposed on RSS. Prior to this Patel wrote two letters to RSS July 18, 1948, stating the activities of RSS are a clear threat to the existence of the government and State.

    The link for this article (The Forgotten promise of 1949) written by Vidya Subramaniam on 8th October 2013:-!

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    The thread is about the reason of banning RSS and the importance given to Vallabhbhai by BJP.
    There are so many articles in favour and against the ban and lifting the ban on RSS. Now the other part of the thread is to be discussed.

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