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    Some interesting Facts to know!!

    1. The number we get keeping hundred zero's after one is 'googol'. So the search engine Google is named after this only.
    2. Sugar present in Lemons is more than that of Strawberries.
    3. One hundredth of a Second is known as Jiffy.
    4. Our first President Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad at the time of his death had an amount of Rs.1432 in Punjab National Bank Account. In honor of him this account is not closed by the bank even today.
    5. Rainbow occurring at night time are known as Moon bow or Lunar rainbow. These rainbows only can be seen through special Cameras and cannot be seen with our naked eyes.
    6. Communist revolutionist Vladimir Lenin's preserved body has been on display for public since after his death 1924.
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    Very good collection of facts complied by the author and the one regarding the meaning of Google and jiffy was really interesting to me. Such knowledge enhance sharing always welcome.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very good information.How the name google has come is new to me. Very nice information regarding moon bow or lunar bow. The author is to be congratulated for giving good information. Very good to know the information.
    always confident

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    For point 4,it is to inform the possession of late Sri. Kamaraj, earlier CM of TAmilnadu, was cash balance 120 rupees,4 white khadi shirts, 4 dhothis and 2 towels. He lead a simple life without a own house.

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    Nice collection of facts of technology, science, and human nature and honest living.
    We all know about wet grinders that are a part of our culinary lives. Dr. Kalam was presented with a wet grinder at a function. he accepted it only on the condition that he pays for it. As an honor, the company did not encash the cheque. A month later, the company got a call from Dr.Kalam's office. Please encash the cheque or else the wet grinder would be returned to you. The company finally deposited the cheque!

    These little facts are far more enriching than some of news items that we see daily.

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    always confident

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    Except the first one, rest all was new information to me. Thanks to the author for sharing this information with us.

    Very interesting facts, kudos to the author.

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