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    No great work is accomplished by cunning people.

    No, great work is accomplished by cunning people.They deceive the society and deceive themselves. Cunningness leads them towards their downfall. All their spiritual practices and prayers are mere fruitless. Great work is done by wearing toil and self-sacrifice.One of my friends is cunning. She always plays dual role. I understood her character, now I am avoiding her. Cunning people don't have sentiments for his/ her fast friend.Is not cunningness an evil act?
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    We all have grown up listening to the stories of the cunning fox. In day to day life at work, social gatherings, parties, sports and at competitions, we humans always have a purpose in mind (to earn, to get noticed, to climb up the social ladder, to get in good books of our seniors, to win).

    We all have different means to get what we seek. Some of them are too noble, some are smart, many are average and some yes certainly cunning. The way we choose depends on our upbringing, our sense of right, and wrong, given situation and our extent of desperation.

    I don't mind how to achieve things in life as long as it does not hurt people concerned, does not deny them a chance at success. Many a time, so far in life, I've seen people who are smart and clever and then move on to become cunning.

    I don't think we can call it an 'Evil act', we can call it an undesirable quality in people close to us. The good thing is, it's just a matter of time before we spot such people around us. I would not avoid them but be wary of them as I don't give such people a sense of satisfaction that they have ruffled my feathers. In my view, it's just a matter of before they meet a more cunning person. Even a cunning fox can be outfoxed!

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    There are many types of people . some are gentle some are good, some are criminals.some are cunning and some are smart. Generally we find the people with their selfish mottos . out of that some will get their desires fulfilled with out deceiving others. But some people will not hesitate to damage others also for their interest. They are the cunning people and very dangerous people. We should never believe those people. They may deceive you also tomorrow. So my feeling is that making friendship with cunning people is not advisable. Some times these people try to create problems between people by carrying information from one two other in different way. They never bother about others. These days we see many people of this nature in corporates. They never bother to deceive individuals.
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    First of all cunning character people wont have the tendency to help others, instead they would improvise themselves and their living conditions on the cost of others. There is a person in our colony who has the two wheeler but seldom takes out and ride. Instead he asks the vehicle from others to fetch something from short distance so that he can save on petrol of not using his vehicle. Having noticed this tendency of cunning , the colony people also started telling him reasons for not parting with their vehicle and instead to part his vehicle for their work. Now he stopped to ask the vehicle and uses his own.
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    Cunningness is really not a good act, it shows the much hunger to have something, to get something. Out of this hunger and desire to achieve, people go to any extents and this clever and cunning behaviour pays them many times. But sometimes, such people can be seen on top as well. Because they used the cunning attitude as a stair case for success. We comes across different people everyday. And so everybody is a different species in itself. Because we are nice and simple by nature, we will not be able to accept the people with a clever and selfish attitude. So, the difference in nature makes us go apart from such people. This type of nature is not a good attitude, but some people do carry it, and we have no other option than to ignore them.
    We cannot call it evil, until it is not harming the other person.

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    Not only the great work but even needy work they can do ,if they are cunning ,as their entire thought goes around cunning. Because of such orientation only they themselves caught into trouble.

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