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    Prime Minister is again true! Hamid Ansari proves it.

    The great man, former Vice-President of India, Mr. Hamid Ansari, who, in his last interview as the Vice President of India, the post which which he had held for ten long years, expressed a "feeling of unease" among the Muslims, attended an event at Kozhikode in Kerala co-organised by the women's wing of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India.

    So, what is the big deal about it? In 2010, criminals of Popular Front of India were held guilty for chopping off hands of Professor Joseph for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammed. The same group has been investigated for making bombs and organising armed training camps. The same group is being investigated by the NIA for being involved in 'love jihad' cases in Kerala.

    So, the view of the Prime Minister is found to be true! In his farewell speech, the Prime Minister stated that after completing the uncomfortable Constitutional duty, Hamid Ansari would return to those people or group among whom/which he feels comfortable.

    I am interested to know the views of other Members on this issue.
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    I feel sorry for the for the former Vice-President of India, Hamid Ansari who seems to have much time and planning more events to defame the government and PM. The former VP should learn to live in decency instead of indulging in maligning the government. One thing is sure a person of his stature should not accept the pension from government as he goes on criticizing it day in day out. Being educated and having served so many years, he should have helped the government with some good suggestions and views, instead stooping to the level of maligning and that is not at all solicited.
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    The remarks made by former Vice President is insulting for him only. If he really feels that there is an unease among the Muslim, why didn't he take up that at that time itself? He thought that probably he may lose his chances of becoming President. But once he is out of office I think he recognised all these problems. He proved that PM is right. One thing we should remember that BJP is in power last 3 years only but before that, for a long time another party was in power.
    People will know all and they are observing everything. The tolerance of our people is at peak. Otherwise many political leaders of India might have been sitting in their houses counting their days.

    always confident

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    The infamous comment of the former Vice-President is known to all. This thread has been raised to inform people about his present activities. Please read the last part of the first para and second para of the thread.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Vice-President of India confers the coveted title of "Second Citizen of India". Such High positions in a country bring in the mandatory high code of ethics in all walks of life by men and women during and after their tenure. The public and media always follow them, looking up for wisdom and above all patriotism. Anyone occupying it irrespective of caste, creed, and social background should live by a code of Honour that should also include ensuring communal harmony and from acts that threaten this harmony.

    I love Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, born in a Muslim family who used to ferry fellow Hindus from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi in their boats. He was a devout Muslim who found religion as a means to make more friends. We all love him still for his contribution to India's missile program, his wisdom and being a First Citizen of India.

    What contrasting lives and people with authority should also know that it comes with a huge responsibility to serve the country that gave them one of the highest honors in the Government.

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    Let us not make him big and swollen by dwelling on hi. If you do not feel someone worth mentioning,the best way is to ignore him. The more we discuss about such unworthy persons, they get some kind of blind support .Media also would like to thrive on sensationalism. There are many who are ready to capitalise and profit on such situations.

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    I have been maintaining a strong view that some religiously inclined people are harming the interests of the country in disguise of being secular. Hamid Ansari is one of them. He has been in so many controversies since his career started. Ansari's farewell remarks are in line with his thinking process. I saw him addressing this speech and I saw his interview also. I do not understand why he did not resign against such suffocation earlier. He was waiting to retire so that he would get all facilities from the same India in which he has a feeling of insecurity. I condemn the remarks.

    The incidence mentioned in the first para and the contents of second para are to be investigated by NIA. Recently, Supreme Court has directed NIA to investigate the cases of highly publicised Love Jehad. I would request the present central govt. to expedite the investigations in the incidence mentioned and punish the culprits.

    The PM's remarks were also a sort of vengeance to Ansari's remarks. He mentioned about Ansari's earlier assignments in West Asian countries, Aligarh University and talked about his family's association with congress party and Khilafat movement etc.etc in his style. I do not want to mention all since I did not like PM talking this in so personal way. I would request members that they should read or listen to these speeches.

    In my opinion Mr. Ansari and the PM both impinged on the dignity of their constitutional positions.

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