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    If you think you are small and cannot withstand criticisms, then you are too small even for praise.

    It has been human tendency that they expect good reviews and pat for every work they does and wont like others to pass criticism against them. That means they think they are too small to take on whole lots of criticism and withstand it. That means they are also unfit to be praised as the age matters according their own assessment. So next time when some one takes on you, hear the criticism and take it without any murmuring. If such adjusting character has been developed, then that is the sign of grown up stage.
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    Sir,thinking oneself as small means not based on inferiority complex but it is said only for thinking ourselves as not bigger than anyone on any circumstances. Once Seer of Sringeri told on visiting Skandasramam and the biggest idols of Hindu Gods, that the forming of such huge idols only to denote ourselves as small to our creator.

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    Criticism is good if it is done without any bias. If the criticism is genuine, it will be useful for us for development. If everybody praises us we don't have the chance to know our mistakes. We think we know everything and we are perfect. From there we will start losing. So too many appreciations also give the negative effect. So let us invite criticism also. You try to learn from that criticism and try to develop more and more.
    But some people out of envy, try to criticize without a genuine point. That criticism we need not give much importance. ut genuine comments should be taken as for our benefit. Try to come out of your shortcomings through these remarks.

    always confident

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    Not necessarily if a person cannot withstand criticism will not be worth for praising. It could might depend upon the maturity level of that person.. Some people are not mature and not understanding enough to withstand criticism. They understand the words, but might be they do not take the essence of that moment. This does not mean that they should not be praised or appreciated for the good doings. It sometimes depend upon the level of understanding and how you take that criticism in a positive or a negative tone.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Most of us would be happy to be praised or when we get a pat on the back, we would certainly not be smiling when somebody criticizes us. Given the way we've grown up, our past experiences and reactions to criticism and our level of understanding or maturity, we react to criticism. Some people get angry, some get depressed or dejected, some start an unhealthy argument when they are criticised. Most of us who are mature enough to understand this, sit down to analyze Why?How? or When? things went wrong leading to the criticism. Once there is a reason for us to improve, then we inculcate it in ourselves at work or sports and make our selves better.

    Moving on, some disrespectful characters in at workplace or in the circles we move, use criticism as an excuse to put us down and make thin veiled personal attacks. We all learn our own means to identify such individuals and manners to deal with it.

    Lastly, as good human beings we should learn the manner in which we can pass constructive criticism and yes certainly we have praise good work done by any colleague; if we fail to do so thinking that they are too small, then we are becoming too judgemental or biased.

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    Yes, it is hundred per cent correct. No person, no matter how great he is/was, is above criticism. If he or his followers can't withstand it, he is not fit to be called great.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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