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    Are we slowly detaching from our culture?

    People are living in different societies in this world and they have different cultures and there are many and sometimes tremendous differences between one sect and another.

    Some of the rational people believe that no religion is good and world is one family. In their ideology they slowly get detach from their culture and become a cosmopolitan urban entity.

    Do you feel such a thing is happening worldwide and is it good for the humanity or one should not detach from ones culture at any cost?
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    You misunderstand culture with religion. I'm an atheist but I do have a culture. Culture is where and how you grow. So no one is culture-less. And you think modern society is detaching from it's culture? I'd say it's the reverse that's happening. We're sticking to our culture like never before. I have a reason to say so. One of the main reasonsTelangana is made into a separate state is that the people felt their culture was being threatened. Castes like patels and reddys surfaced and revolted for special rights. Patanjali is knowing no limits in business, because it swore to protect the Indian culture. Premium Indian traditional wear are becoming international because they're being promoted in online shopping sites. I can go on and on.
    We never were so attached to our culture like we're today.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    As I understand, Culture is what people do in common, like in common and pass it down to their offsprings (Hindu Culture, Indian Culture, Western Culture). I agree with Aditya Mohan, who we are now is a reflection of our culture. Religion is each one's way of accepting that there is a higher power above us and there are many paths to this faith ( Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc).

    Over a period of time culture undergoes change but it's difficult to give up our culture. For instance, Indians living in the West seek out or build places of worship of their faith. Many Indians living in USA or UK, enroll their kids in Sanskrit, Bharatanatyam classes and perform head tonsuring or naming ceremonies as per the Hindu culture and tradition. This reflects their desire to follow, pass on and preserve their cultural origins. The same may be true for people of other religions in India.

    Sometimes culture is given a darker shade when people misuse it for political and personal gains. Following a particular religion for the welfare of oneself and people around is accepted, so also should people who believe that the world is one be accepted.

    Change is inevitable and the world is caught in it. Whatever our cultural background is, we should move forward carrying along with us the good things what our culture has taught us because it has the wisdom of many generations over thousands of years that the urban society cannot give us.

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    The culture and the religion. Culture is different and religion is different. But one religion may have a type of culture and another religion may have their own culture. Having Bindi on the forehead is the culture of Hindu religion. The other religions will not have this culture. But these days some of the Hindus also not wearing this Bindi on their forehead. That is the idea I think the author is having in his mind.
    Irrespective of your religion, there are some common features like talking humbly, respecting elders, being polite to others, helping others are some of the features of the culture of the individual. These qualities will come from his family background and the way in which he was brought by his family. So culture comes from your family and religion is also from the family but the aspects of religion are universal to the society belonging to that particular religion.
    Change is inevitable. But change for good is always welcome. We have to wait and see in which direction the changes are taking place.

    always confident

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    In my opinion, people are not detaching from their culture. In globalisation, cultures are intermingled, but no one wants to leave his/her culture. First, we should know what things are consist in culture. Food, clothes, form of dances, a form of music all are part of the culture. Culture gives recognition. By leaving the culture we leave our recognition. That is the matter no one wants to leave his /her recognition. Our Defence Minster broadcasted her speech in Hindi, It is part our culture. Culture is our roots. If we detach from it, we lose our value.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Not slowly but rapidly by our present youngsters and as they do not hear the words of elders, elders in no way helpful to protect our culture. Even the elders are prevented by the present youngsters from their steps to seed the culture in tinys so as to restore in their era.

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