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    Stab in the back- is it due to unavoidable circumstances or for personal gratification

    I have been reading many recent threads related to human qualities and human lives and I thought of bringing in this topic, although unpleasant. Some of us at some time in life would have experienced this.

    Right from school kids who do silly things after being sworn to secrecy to people losing alliances, people losing out a bid, people missing a promotion, careers being ended and families being broken, all of these unfortunate events sometimes have a common factor - 'A friendly face, relative or a friend who would be the last person whom we would think of betraying us'.

    Such events happen daily, why? Is it because the person is unworthy of our trust and does it for personal gains or is it due to unforeseen circumstances that force people to commit such distasteful acts?

    Please share your views as these things cannot be learned from any book but only experiences in life can teach us.
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    Normally a person wont stab other just for the fun of it or for any other reason. Only when things are going out of situation and the erring person wont mend the ways, people would desert him. When NTR was at his peak of career in politics and wont allow the upsurge of his son in law Chandrababu Naidu, the later planned the coup and stabbed his own father in law and bundled out all the MLA's to secret place in Bengaluru so that trust vote can be won by Naidu against NTR. So here what Chandrababu done that he was not cared and not heard and thus has to stoop to the level of stabbing his own father in law on the back just for the lust of power.
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    I think it depends on the reward. Anyone would betray if the reward is sufficient. Yes. You heard it right. Betrayal is in our genes.
    Even animals are known to betray each other.
    So it's just the matter of reward.

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    To stab in the back of somebody is in human, I feel. This will be done by people who are greedy and who are not efficient. In professional life we will be seeing many these kinds of acts. When two or three contenders are there for a post, the man who is having the least chances will generally go for these acts. These are like, telling lies about the other person to the immediate bosses and carrying words from one place to other places. Sometimes these will backfire on the person trying these tricks. But sometimes help him in spoiling the other's career. He will also not get it. In between the third person will go with the gift in his hand.
    What Chandrababu was done is also a backstabbing. But there was a flaw from NTR also. From the day 1 of formation TDP, NTR utilised his son in law and Babu responded to his expectations and he was the No;2 in command. So Babu's sweat was there in making the party. But NTR all of sudden started downsizing him and tried to elevate Laksmi Parvati to No:2 position. Here I don't blame Babu alone. Both are equally responsible. Tit for tat. That was what happened.

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